Medieval weapons such as the Bow, the Crossbow and the Catapult have been improved with modern materials and become more deadly

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Medieval weapons such as the Bow, the Crossbow and the Catapult have been improved with modern materials and become more deadly. In the Middle Ages they had great technologies that helped them and improved our life quality. For this reason that’s why we have very easy and comfortable life. This period in time had great advancements and they created many sophisticated things as weapons and other objects as the glasses and for example the water mills. From all this bases of technology and advances we changed the materials and the dynamic and that’s why now we have really successful technology in the modern time.

Technology makes a really big part of our life.Can you imagine our life without all the things we have.We use them to make our lifre with more facility and to make our life more comfortable.Also we use them as product if protection to don’t get hurted or just to fight.They help us really much and much of their technologies were applied to modrn world and that’s why we had developed great things as the clock.Life in the past was very hasrsh and the people had a low quality life and they worked more so their life average was very low comparing it to modrn world life average.

They are many types of things related to technology, in the occasion of weapons they are many styles as the types of swords that vary like the longsword that measures 70 inches and the sword known as the (Bastards sword) that is a small sword that masures 30 inches at average, also people in the middle ages used weapons depending the occasion because for example in the war of hastling were the two empires fought they focused in the archery and the types of catapaults and long distance weapons.

The swords were a very common weapon in the Middle ages.They had many types of swords and they depend on their size and the technique whiule doing them because they had swords that had some problems because they bended and their were techniques that Italians brought that were hammering the iron while it was getting the form and that technique resulted incledible hardened. Some of the commonest swords were the longsword that measured in average 70 inches,The Broadsword that was commonly known as (Bastardswords) it masured from 30 inches and it was on eof the firsts swords in the early mmiddle ages nad lastly there was the Greatswords that was commonly the favorite of knights and it weight from 6 to 8 pounds

They were many wars at the was of hastling were thd army focused in archery and the mens from 15 to 60 years had to carry a bow of crossbow and many arrow.The bows and the crossbow in general known asa archery was a vital weapon in the reign of William the conqueror he ordered a law that every single men from 15 to 60 years old had to go hlidays and Sundays to practice archery and the one who didn’t went had to do a social punishment as excommunication.This weapons were very common in the middle ages and they dated bak to the 600 BC where the Romans, the chinese and the greeks played their rolls.Mostly of all this weapon had acces to every men in the middle ages because it wasn’t as expensiver as the aromuor or other weapons such as the sword and the rest of all the equipment.

Catapukts were usually used in wars where they started fighting with very much distance ans very much population.They had many types of this weapons as the Ballista, the trebuchet , the mangonel and the Onager.They were invented by the chinese and then the greeks applied much more technologieas and make them dcompletely better, they got to the western Europe in the medieval era and they were mostly used by the frenchs in 1216.

The technologies brought us very much advantages and they made us have no regression in time and they evoluted our era and that’s why we have advanced and really sophisticated technnolgies.All the past times had left many technologies to the next era and that’s why the wolrd had been wvolbing and always having innovating technologies and weapons.The Eurtope in the Middle Ages got many thing as the paper from the chinese but the thing is that in the Middle Ages they changed all of the componets and they make it better, one of the most era that had advance the most was the middle ages because it was the era that improved and advance in technology.Since the enbd of the middle ages

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