Medieval Times Day

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Medieval Times Day

The Church in the Middle Ages
The Church was one of the most important and powerful institutions during the Middle Ages. Its influence was widespread and unrivaled. Your job is to share with your classmates many of the fine details of the Church as a religious and political institution. Use the rubric to guide your research and be sure to address all of the questions below. Feel free to add any additional information of interest.

  1. What was the most powerful church in Europe during the Middle Ages?

  2. What powers did the Church hold?

  3. Where did the Church’s power come from?

  4. Where was the head of the Church located?

  5. Did the Church treat the royalty and the peasants differently?

  6. How did the Church help the common man?

  7. Was the Church corrupt?

  8. What were some landmark events in Church history during the Middle Ages?

Crafts ProjectChoose one

  1. Research a famous cathedral such as Amiens or Notre Dame. Include pictures and details of floor plans, architecture, stained glass windows, statues and figures, etc.

  1. Design a stained glass window to display.

  1. Make a display of famous stained glass windows and tell the story behind them.

  1. Make a timeline of popes through the Middle Ages. Include a picture and short biography.

  1. Make a display of saints of the Middle Ages. Include a picture and their story. Examples: St. Jerome, St. Gregory, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Joan of Arc, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Stephen Harding.

  1. Retell the story of St. George and the Dragon.

  1. Embroider or cross-stitch an example of initials drawn to illustrate the manuscripts in the Middle Ages.

  1. Dress a model as the pope or as a cardinal. Be sure to include the hat and staff.

Medieval Feast
Prepare a medieval food to serve at Medieval Times Day. Include a copy of the recipe to project on the screen. You must have your recipe approved.

Medieval Clothing – Extra Credit (10 points)
Design one or more garments and accessories to wear at Medieval Times Day. Examples: cloak, tabard, gown, veil, or wimples; hat or hood, hair ornaments, surcoat, tunic, pouches, belts or sashes, boots or shoes.

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