Medieval Times and Churches

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Medieval Times and Churches

The ___________was the center of medieval life in Western ____________. Christians listened to the ___________, who was the supreme head of the Roman Catholic church. The pope had many powers including the ability to ____________________ people who didn’t follow the rules of the church.

Many Christians traveled to a holy site during their life time. This _________________ could last a long time and travel a great distance. Other Christians fought in the _________________, which were military expeditions to the holy lands.
Some churches were immense. These _____________ were often designed in the gothic style. ____________ protected the roofs of these large churches – often taking the forms of ugly beasts.
Holidays were very important in medieval Europe. Two of the greatest holidays were ___________ and ____________. In fact, the word holiday comes from the words ___________ day.
Some Christian men joined monasteries and devoted themselves to prayer and service. They were called _____________. Others became _________, traveling among ordinary people to preach and care for the sick and poor.
As you can see, the ___________ may have been the most important influence on peoples’ lives in medieval Europe.
Word Bank:
Church pope crusade Easter gargoyles
Europe excommunicate pilgrimage friars
Church holy Christmas monks cathedrals

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