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Pearl - The Janis Joplin Story

The vintage funk tour

The music, obsessions and passions of Janis Joplin.
For the first time in Australia, a production about a rock immortal whose individuality became a hallmark that both shocked and inspired a generation and to this day touches all ages.
On 4th October 1970, Janis Joplin was found dead from a heroin overdose. Lonely, sad and on the inevitable self destructive path of a junkie, Janis was ironically also headed for far greater personal and musical success with her critically acclaimed album ‘Pearl’. Released after her death and embraced by the world then and today as a triumphant album that fuses, rock, jazz and blues with a gritty flavour that marked an era of change.
Pearl – The Janis Joplin Story is an interpretational musical presentation, celebrating a woman who exploded onto the music scene and quickly became the queen of rock ‘n’ roll and mother of thrift shop vintage funk. 
Best remembered for her rebellious lifestyle, her distinctive voice and liberal outlook on life and love. She joins the infamous 27 Club.

Joplin continually left audiences speechless with unforgettable hits like “Cry Baby” and “Me and Bobby McGee.”, “Move Over” and many more.

Paying homage to the legacy of a captivating woman who stunned fans with her extraordinary performances and simultaneously shattering stereotypes, leaving a life-long impression in the rock ‘n’ roll world.
To her intimate friends she was known as ‘Pearl’. To her enthralled public she was Janis Joplin, the greatest female singer in the history of rock and roll.
Pearl - The Janis Joplin Show, delivers in words and music the short but spectacular life of the first lady of rock who got a little dirty!
An extraordinary story interwoven amongst 20 hit songs that shaped an era where love was fearless and rules were broken.
Featuring the extraordinary talents of
Liza Ohlback, A unique singer of Blues songs laced with Soul, Jazz, and Funk, Liza is often compared to many great female blues artists.
Jeremy Edwards –Musical director, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Has played with U.S blues greats Charlie Musselwhite and John Hammond. Plus many more.

Also featuring Sean Mackenzie on Keyboard, Greg Ohlback on Drums, and Mick Malouf on Bass

Including hits such as ‘Cry Baby’, ‘Move Over’, ‘Piece of My Heart’, ‘Bobby McGee’ and more. Also featuring songs from Janis’s greatest influences such as Bessie Smith, Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen.
Pearl -The Janis Joplin Show will transport the audience into a smoky, jazz, blues vibe from an era best remembered live… mixed with a good dose of pure acid bohemian vintage rock!  

Her voice was dirtier than any other white chick singer and her story is no different.”

Written and Directed by Chris Keeble – Fish out a Water Productions.

Musical Direction: Jeremy Edwards

Pearl is a musical interpretation of Janis’s story and music and is in no way an impersonation

For all media and show tour details please contact. Chris Keeble - Producer- Fish out a Water productions. Or check website

E: – M: 0418970963 –
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Fast facts:
1) Janis Joplin belongs to the infamous 27 CLUB (those artists who died at 27, she joins Jimmy Hendrix, James Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain)

2) Her album “Pearl” hit the top selling charts after her death.

3) Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995

4) Ranked #3 on VH1`s 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll

5) She was voted the 47th Greatest Artist in Rock `n` Roll by Rolling Stone

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