McKay – Ch 18 – Toward a New World-View

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McKay – Ch 18 – Toward a New World-View

Answer in complete sentences can be submitted online or handwritten – online due the day before class by midnight, handwritten – but be submitted within the first 5 minutes of class.

Scientific Revolution Pages 595 – 605

  1. What were Aristotle’s views?

  2. Why were Aristotle’s views accepted for two thousand years with only minor revisions? (3 reasons)

  3. Identify the scientific and religions implications that the Copernican Hypothesis had.

  4. Why did publication of Galileo’s of Dialogue on the Two Chief Systems of the World in 1632 effectively lead to Galileo being tried for heresy by the inquisition?

  5. According to the text – what were the three broader causes of the Scientific Revolution? (602-604)

  6. Overall how did the Scientific Revolution affect economic life and living standards for the masses through to the late 1700s?

The Enlightenment pages 605-607

  1. According to the text, what are the three central concepts that stand at the core of Enlightenment thinking?

  2. Who was Bernard de Fontenelle and what was his objective for writing?

  3. How was Fontenelle able to express his skepticism about absolute truth and cynicism about the claims of organized religion?

  4. How did John Locke contribute to the “European intellectual turmoil”?

  5. What is the tabula rasa according to Locke?

Page 607 – 615

  1. Who were the philosophes?

  2. What were the big ideas and major works of the following

    1. Baron de Montesquieu

    2. Francois Marie Arouet (aka Voltaire)

    3. Marie-Jean Caritat (aka Marquis de Condorcet)

    4. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Enlightened Absolute Monarchs 615-622

  1. How did most Enlightenment thinkers outside of England and the Netherlands believe that political change would best happen?

  2. What reforms did Frederick II of Prussia attempt after the Seven Years’ War ?

  3. Catherine the Great of Russia had three goals in her policies – what were they?

  4. How did the Pugachev Rebellion in 1773 change Catherine’s domestic policies?

  5. What did Maria Theresa of Austria do to make the state stronger and more efficient? (3 things)

  6. What religious policies did Joseph II implement/follow?

  7. How did France change as a result of Louis XV coming to the throne?

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