Maya: The Blood of Kings

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Maya: The Blood of Kings

  1. What period in history (date) is it when the video begins?

  2. While London was a town of wood shacks, the Maya had built cities of __________________.

  3. The Maya population was _________________ and equaled the land area of ____________________________.

  4. The Maya ancestors were from _____________ and crossed the Bering Sea around _______________ years ago.

  5. The classic Maya period was ____________________ to ___________________ A.D.

  6. The Maya were forgotten until John Stevenson rediscovered them in __________________(year) - Guatemala.

  7. The man who figured out that the pyramids were burial chambers was ___________________ Ruz.

  8. The Maya left an abundant written language. It is one of only _______ independent writing systems in the world.

  9. The Maya language was the first written language in the ___________ ________________________.

  10. The Catholic priest who learned the Maya language was _________ de Landa. However, in an effort to eliminate pagan rituals he burned _____________ of books. So complete was the burning only ______ books survived.

  11. The Maya left many contributions. Their astronomical charts were only off by ________ seconds. Their charts could predict solar eclipses and even the end of the universe, which will occur on Sunday, December ________, _________.

  12. American _______________ Healy discovered that the Maya were not peaceful, but __________________________.

  13. In which country did a Russian officer save a Maya language book? _______________________

  14. The basis of the king’s rule was not political; it was based on _______________________.

  15. The king gave his blood so the sun would __________, the rain would ___________, and the corn would _________.

  16. Instead of taxes, Maya citizens gave _________________ to ensure their society’s existence.

  17. Human sacrifices of the Maya were usually captured ________________________.

  18. Today, Maya priests use ___________________ blood instead of humans.

  19. The balance between the gods and the people was maintained by the _________________. Remove him, and the entire system _______________________.

  20. How did the Maya civilization end?

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