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Maya British contact

British Capitalism -When the British came they did not plan to stay they 1st came to thief from Spanish ships, then they (2nd) found Logwood and began to extract the product and lastly they found Mahogany and began to extract it for Ship building in Europe.

-Capitalism is a system in which the resources, making and transporting of products are owned privately.

-The enclaved economy is a system in which the economy of a country is dominated by exports from other countries. It is the colonizer such as the English who stole the resources from the colonies such as British Honduras and became rich from that. It is basically thieving from the poor colonies for the English to get rich. The main aim of the British is making money.

- One of the sacrifices the British made because of money was to around the mouth of the Belize River so the Baymen were moving up and down the coast and up the river setting up temporary camps in the region. Although they created the settlement the principal inhabitants were at cay casina (St. George’s Caye)

- They settled in Belize town which was a swampy region filled with mosquitoes unfit for human habitation but it was most convenient for the settlers because the mouth of the Belize River was used for Imports and exports.

- Extraction of logwood: the heart of the wood (2 ft) was the source of the Dye and the trees would normally bed 20 ft high and are usually found near coasts and river banks. The logwood was chopped and sent down river in dories or floating cradles of cabbage palm, it was cut into pieces without losing its value.

- Mahogany: the huntsmen were tasked with searching with a mahogany area then a camp was created; the axemen would chop the tree down, the cattlemen transported it to the river where it was transported to the mouth of the Belize River where it was squared and shipped.

BRITISH MEET THE MAYA: -*** There was no record that the British met the Maya at the beginning of their settlement because the Maya had retreated in land and the British were operating in the coastal areas; in addition, the pirates were also illiterate and during Spanish attacks many records were destroyed. ******

- The Maya saw them as threat to their territory and independence.

-The British referred to the Maya as Wild Indians

-The Maya lived in Central Belize and northwestern region in scattered small villages near the Belize River Valley.

-When the Maya began to meet the British they launched small raids on camps but had no centralized major attacks.

-The effects of British expansionism are the Maya retreated further in land; the British made sure to divide the Maya and the Slaves; the Maya attacked camps; British brought ammunitions and troops to the settlement.

The Caste war 1847-1901

-It was the revolt of native Maya people of Yucatán (Mexico) against the population of European descent (called Yucatecos) in political and economic control. It occurred in the Republic of Yucatan.

-CAUSES OF THE WAR: 1. the social structured placed the Maya at the bottom of the social pyramid which was very suppressive of them; 2. The European Yucatecos were expanding their territory grabbing land and placing it in private ownership. Due to the demand for Henequen which was used to make ropes and it was highly demanded because of ships and navigation in Europe; 3. The Maya defended their communal lands.

-COURSE OF THE WAR: The Maya (Icaiche and Santa Cruz-UNITED) were defeating the Yucatecos but the Maya went back to their fields to plant

- This gave the Yucatecos the opportunity to get help from the Mexican republic, who later managed to convince the ICAICHe to join (promising land). As a result the Yucatecos, the Mexican, and the Icaiche pushed back the Santa Cruz Maya for more than half of the state.

Yucatecos: North west; Maya: southeast

-The Santa Cruz Maya were buying gunpowder from the British but when an agreement with the Mexican government was made with the British (regarding the border areas), the British stopped selling guns and ammunitions.

Caste war in Belize: -The Icaiche Maya were called the pacificos that lived in the northwestern area of British Hondurasand south west of Yucatan.

- Their claims affected the British since nobody wanted to invest in border area. The British Hondurans could not get any land because the ICAICHE Maya were claiming the territory.

-The Santa Cruz who came into British Honduras with their leader Asencio Ek, they settled around Yalbac Cayo when they reached they called themselves the San Pedro Maya and they sided with the British to fight the Icaiche.

---*******THE BATTLE OF SAN PEDRO*********The San Pedro Maya had proven to be very loyal to the British forces. But were unsatisfied with the way their people were being treated at the camps. Asencio Ek the leader of the San Pedro Maya, had heard that the British were ready to betray them so he was getting ready to fight and trick the British. He decided to join with the Icaiche to fight against the British. He sent a message to the British that the Icaiche were ready to attack them, and he was requesting for more guns and ammunitions. The British not doubting the San Pedro Maya sent them the requested weapons. When the British came to visit the settlement the Maya groups waged a fight against the British known as the Battle of San Pedro.**********

Colonization of the Maya : -After the Battle of San Pedro the Maya united and when the Icaiche leader died A new leader named Marcus Canul took over. He demanded rent form the British for the land they were occupying; in the 1860’s he led a major attack on the British settlement and in 1870 he entered and took control of Corozal town. While he was trying to capture Orange Walk he was killed.

- The Maya continued united they claimed the northern region but in 1882 the Maya accepted to respect the boundaries claimed by the British signing an agreement.


Phase 1- 1788-1817; Maya launched a series of small raids on British camps in the western region; Maya retreated.

Phase 2- 1817-1847: little activity the Maya went in land

Phase 3- 1847-1872: violent warfare between the Maya and British

Phase 4- 1872-1900: consolidation of British dominion

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