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Mattie Brock March 2, 2016 B3

The Fall is Coming

Seventy-two percent of Americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction (McCarthy). This country is on the same path Rome was many years ago. For many year Rome had peace, however it changed after a while. There was a huge decline in morals, they experienced urban decay, and immigration. All of this factor is what made the Rome State fall. The United States also struggles with these factors. As a result, the United States will eventually succumb to the same fate as Rome.

The United States is experiencing a rapid decline in morals. Fifty-seven percent of conservatives believe the moral value of the USA is beyond poor (McCarthy). The main blames for the rapid decline are opinions on same-sex marriage, having children out of wedlock, and general respect for one another (McCarthy). In Rome, one reason for the decline in morals is the same as the US, the general respect for each other. Towards the end of Rome, the colosseum became a big problem. For one, the gladiators didn’t have as much respect as a normal citizen would. They were forced to compete in the colosseum, which led to most of their deaths. The colosseum was also a problem because it promoted violence and the citizens became addicted to the blood that was shed in the arena. The US youth also struggles with the addiction to death and blood. The video games that are played today promote violence and killing people, animals, and aliens. Ninety-seven percent of US children play video games the promote violence (Huffington Post). According to the Huffington Post, children that play video games that promote violence are way more violent and aggressive than the ones who don’t. The morals in the United States are deteriorating just like in Rome.

Many United States communities are experiencing urban decay. The effects of urban decay cause many problems and are very inconvenient. The damages of many good neighborhoods, littering, graffiti, and breaking other people’s property, are the main effects of decay seen in the US (Harvard). Urban decay is also causing many buyers, real estate agents, insurance agents, and investor to stop sending money and time in some communities (Harvard). The bad communities are becoming worse and worse with no hope of being rebuilt or paid any attention. The decay of some towns has led to stores going bankrupt, which leads to a less income, which eventually leads to a family on the streets or in cheap nasty apartments. When stores go bankrupt it’s a chain reaction, the businesses surrounding will either close or relocate. This leaves big abandoned building which have no purpose or use and will just sit there. Rome also experienced urban decay, which eventually lead to the fall. Like many low-income US citizens, Romans lived in small smelly apartments. Also in Rome, if the rent was paid they were kicked to the streets. Urban decay made Rome fall, and the US is headed down the same path.

Millions of unauthorized immigrates in America, what’s the big deal? Well, there is many issues with having that many non-citizens in the US. 6.78 million unauthorized immigrants like in six states alone, California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois (Pew Research). Unauthorized meaning, the immigrants are not allowed to be here and they do not pay taxes. The immigrants use the United States resources and other benefits given by the US, with giving anything back. The immigrants also make up 5.1% of the work force (Pew Research). Many manual labor companies hire the immigrants because they can pay them less than what they would pay a normal citizen. As a result, the immigrants are taking jobs away from United States citizens. Also, a big culture change has occurred since tie increasing number of immigrates. As they are coming up from Mexico and other South American countries they are pushing up US citizens. Which results in full on Hispanic communities. According to Dr. Peter Heather “the central Roman State collapsed because migrants forcibly stripped it of its tax base.” Rome also had problems with immigration. The Barbarians and Gauls migrated to Rome. Like immigrants do in the US, the Barbarians and Gauls used Rome’s resources and got all the benefits romans had. Then they eventually took down the city and as already known Rome was over. Rome and America have many of the same issues with immigration, which as a big hand in the fall of Rome.

Some may argue that the US does not struggle with urban decay, they claim US cities are growing and developing. They have a point according to Las Vegas has seen major urban growth in the recent year, which has led to economic growth. However, that is only one city in a country with fifty states. While Las Vegas is experiencing rapid growth Detroit is doing the opposite. In order to make the statement that the United States is growing and developing, more states need to urbanely grow. The big picture shoes that there are many cities that struggle with urban decay than there are growing cities.

The United States will eventually fall, just as Rome did. They compare so easily to each other. Thar United States has also adopted many things from Ancient Rome, not just architecture but government. If Rome’s government fell and the US adopted some of its systems, it’s most likely it will end the same. All good things must come to an end at some point.


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