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Marissa Butchereit

History 1700

31 January 2013

Dueling Document #1

How did the Spaniards and Aztecs Remember First Contact?

The first contact between the Spaniards and the Aztecs took place in 1519. The Spaniards landed on shore and the Aztec’s came on board to greet the newcomers to their land with welcomes and a lot of questions. Some of the questions that they asked were “who is your Tatuan” (meaning chief) and also what kind of men they were and what they were looking for on their land. They told them that they were there to see them and trade with them and that their entrance onto their land should not alarm them or frighten them but to be fortunate that they were there to see them.

The Aztec’s were very welcoming and curious. A few days after arriving a few of Montezuma’s messengers boarded the ship and dressed up Cortez just how there chief Montezuma dressed. Cortez took some of the Aztecs hostage and then quickly let them free. After being held captive and seeing what the Spaniard’s had on the ship such as guns and food. The Aztecs were very intimidated and afraid.

I think that they Aztecs were very welcoming because it was new people and new interactions that they have never encountered before. More than anything, they were curious. They wanted to know why and what the Spaniards were searching for. This makes sense because they have never seen another kind of people before this meeting. They treated the Spaniards the way that they treated their own kind. The Aztecs were very intimidated because the guns and cannons were very loud and also because of the way that they dressed.

The Spaniards were clothed in iron and they also carried shields, and swords made of iron. The Aztecs were afraid. They had never seen anything like this before. The way of life that the Spaniards lived was very different from the Aztecs way of modern life. The Aztecs were very intrigued by the Spaniards food and also by there animals that they had brought with them. When Montezuma had finally retrieved word about the Spaniards from his messengers he was very afraid and concerned.

I think that Montezuma was concerned about the Spaniards arriving because they brought very intimidating things that he had never seen before such as their weaponry that they had which was made of iron and the deer (horses) that carried them were massive and covered everywhere so only their faces were showing. The Aztecs were very friendly and very curious and they just wanted to know what who the Spaniards were and what they were about.

Overall, the Spaniards were very powerful and intimidating to the Aztecs and Montezuma did not want anything to do with them after the messengers told him their experience aboard the Spaniards ship.

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