Marc Van de Velde

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Marc Van de Velde

Marc Van de Velde

Details Born April, 15th 1964

Belgian nationality

Licenses fully licensed ship’s master

full GMDSS operator licence

licensed dredgemaster (all dredging equipment)

Education 1983-1987 Nautical College Antwerp

Graduated cum laude


  • Ship management : managing a modern “jumbo”-sized hopperdredger, with a crew of 30-40 and a daily turnover of 100.000 USD +

  • Dredging and discharging with trailing suction hopper dredgers;

  • Experience in Dynamic Positioning/Dynamic Tracking

  • Offshore work: trenching, backfilling, postlowering of pipelines, QA/AC etc…

  • “Preventive maintenance” and “spare parts

management“ and associated software

  • Experience with IMC-operator-system for dredgers,and various automatisation systems


  • QC / QA systems

Career at sea

1987-1989 ABC – Container Lines Antwerp

Total 11 months seagoing experience as junior officer on containerships and bulk-carriers.

1989-1990 Jan De Nul Group of Companies Aalst

Total 12 months experience as

dredge operator and second officer

on hopperdredgers.

1990-1994 Jan De Nul Group of Companies Aalst

Total 4 years experience as first officer on hopperdredgers; participating in different projects.

Ships: James Ensor TSHD 3600 m3

Amerigo Vespucci TSHD 3500 m3

Sanderus TSHD 5338 m3

Galilei 2000 TSHD 2339 m3

JFJ De Nul TSHD 11750 m3

Vasco Da Gama TSHD 10000 m3

Projects: Belgium Zeeschelde Deepening and maintenance

Zeebrugge Maintenance of seaport

Antwerp Construction of container-quay

Deepening of harbour docks

De Haan Beach replenishment

Underwater nourishment

“Zeepipe” Backfilling of pipeline-trench
France Dunkerque Dredging of West-harbour
U.K. Poole Bay Beach nourishment (gravel)

Barrow Dredging of access channel

Denmark Great Belt Dredging, sandfill, reclamation of

an artificial island

Spain Santander Dredging of acces channel
Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok Construction of new airport

Germany Cuxhaven Dredging and reclamation

River Elbe Maintenance dredging

1994-1999 Jan De Nul Group of Companies Aalst

master on “Amerigo Vespucci” TSHD 3500 m3, built 1986

Projects: Germany Hamburg Reclamation of “Indiahafen”

Emden “Europipe”: trenching and backfilling

(for Statoil)

Argentina Rio Parana Deepening, widening, maintenance

of 600 km navigation channel

Offshore “Norfra” Trenching, dredging a workchannel

for the laybarge, backfilling.

Nearshore part. (for Statoil)
Belgium Zeeschelde Deepening and maintenance

France Sint-Malo Dredging of turning basin

1999-2008 Jan De Nul Group of Companies Aalst

master on “Gerardus Mercator” TSHD 18000 m3, built 1997

Projects: Singapore Jurong Reclamation

Tuas View Reclamation

Pulau Tekong Reclamation

Sandwinning in Ramunia, Jodoh Bay and Karimun

“West-Natuna” Trenching (consolidated clay)

“Powergas” Trenching nearshore

Taiwan CPC-pipeline Presweeping, trenching, post-

lowering, backfilling.

Including deepdredging to -120 m

Korea Pusan Initial channel dredging.

Sandwinning offshore with deepdredge

installation to -90 m deep. Reclamation

Ulsan Trenching and backfilling

Russia Sachalin Boulder cleaning, sweeping, trenching

U.A.E. Dubai Palm II

Dubai Palm III

Dubai New Island

Abu Dhabi Saadiyat Island

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