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Makenna Condie

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Reflection 1

As I assess my physical health to what I would like to be, I want to focus more on good eating habits and keeping a regular work out schedule. I can do these things for short periods of time but then I quit and I would like to be able to continue these habits for the rest of my life. My mental and emotional health is not where I would like it to be either. I want to be able to feel less stressed in my life and happy with what I am doing. I am hoping over the course of this class my physical, mental, and emotional health will be where I want them to be.

As I think about my soul, I do not focus on it on an everyday basis. I have not been fully aware of how my spirit affects my well-being. I do not really know what I would do to nurture my soul, but I know when I do things I love, I feel better about myself. Some examples of the things I like to do are dance, run, play the piano, and to read. I notice that participating in these activities really help reduce my stress also. Dancing is something I love to do and have done ever since I was little and when I can express myself through my body I feel better about myself. Running is something that helps me when I am upset or frustrated. Dancing and running both definitely help improve my physical health. I have been playing the piano since I was 10 years old and it helps me to be able to relax and focus on enjoying the sound of the instrument I am playing. I think that playing the piano also helps my mental health by focusing on the notes and practicing the song until it is almost perfect. Being able to read a book and get away from some of the problems in my life helps me to take a break. I enjoy reading books that make me laugh, and I think this helps me improve my emotional health.

To make changes to my physical well-being, I want to focus on keeping a daily record of exercise. Exercising for at least 15-30 minutes a day would be a good start for me. If I keep a log about what I did for exercise and the amount of time I did that exercise, it would help me a lot. I would also eat healthier by cutting out a lot of the soda I drink, taking a water bottle to school and work, and not eat any junk food. I want to make changes to my emotional and mental health by being able to do more of the things that help me stay relaxed and less stressed. With going to work part-time and school full-time, I have very little time to do the things I love. I usually have homework that has to get done before I can make time for myself. To help improve this, I will manage/schedule my time better. I truly believe that if I have time to do the things I love, my soul and spirit will be nurtured. I am so excited to take this yoga class because I know that this type of exercise will help my physical, mental, and emotional health all at the same time. I was able to practice some yoga in my high school dance company practices and I found it very useful. The days that I have practiced yoga, I notice that my whole day is better and I am more positive.

I am not completely unsatisfied with my health, but I know that I can improve. One thing I am anxious to learn about in this class is meditation. I have not really tried meditating and I want to see if it is something that will help me. I think that meditating could be able to help me by clearing out my thoughts and focusing more on my soul. I focus on my soul through my religious practices, but nothing more beyond that. This class will help me be fully aware of my spirit and soul. From the short time I have been taking this class and practicing on my own time at home, I noticed that I am happier throughout the day, my mind and body feel more relaxed, and I physically feel better. I am glad that my sister is taking this class with me so we can both focus on improving our health together.

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