Madame Bovary: Vocabulary

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Madame Bovary: Vocabulary

The Words

  1. Ameliorate (v) to make more bearable

  2. Antipathetic (adj) opposed (usually followed by to)

  3. Aplomb (n) poise or self-possession

  4. Apotheosis (n) the definition of or the elevation to the status of a god or diety

  5. Attenuate (v) to weaken or to make thin

  6. Bourgeois (n) a member of the middle class (adj) having social norms and opinions of the middle class

  7. Capricious (adj) easily changeable or unpredictable (people are usually described as such)

  8. Chagrin (n) feeling of vexation caused by humiliation

  9. Disparage (v) to belittle in speech

  10. Duplicitous (adj) deceitfulness in conduct or speech

  11. Engender (v) to produce or to cause

  12. Equivocal (adj) open to two or more interpretations

  13. Ethereal (adj) light and heavenly; refined

  14. Facetious {faceeshus} (Adj) not meant to be taken seriously

  15. Inculcate (v) to implant by repeated statement or admonition

  16. Languorous (adj) lacking physical or mental energy

  17. Obsequious (adj) full of servile compliance

  18. Pious (adj) showing a sincere or overly strict religious devotion

  19. Provincial (adj) belonging to a specific small area; usually synonymous with narrow-minded

  20. Pusillanimous (adj) lacking courage

  21. Ribald (adj) vulgar

  22. Tutelage (n) the act of guarding, teaching, or guiding

  23. Univocal (adj) having one meaning

  24. Venerate (v) to regard with reverence

  25. Miasma (n) a dangerous or foreboding atmosphere

Part 1

Rewrite each word and definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

You will not receive credit by copying from a dictionary (in print or online).

Part 2

Fill in the Blank (Please note that the above words may change tense)

  1. Most people are revealed to be either stalwart or __________________________ when under duress.

  2. Constant pestering usually ___________________ great irascibility.

  3. Walking around the Georgia Dome alone at midnight, you may find yourself in quite a ____________. You know you will get robbed.

  4. Being _______________________ toward teachers does not increase your grade or guarantee you will pass. You must master the content and complete assignments to the best of your ability.

  5. The _______________________ sound of the soprano exalted her status of background vocalist into angelic diva.

  6. When young, my grandmother would ____________________ my fears of death by making me touch corpses.

  7. Schools sometimes attempt to ________________ you into conforming to the norms of society because they represent the microcosm of mainstream America.

  8. Under the _____________________ of Mr. Murray, you will become an erudite historian and scholar.

  9. Despite being heckled by a large section by the orchestra seating, Milania maintained her ___________ and answered the judge’s question without wavering.

  10. Only those who serve others before themselves become _____________________ by the members of our society.

  11. Jade was embarrassed to bring him to meet her parents because his humor was often so _________________ that he could make a harlot blush.

  12. When you ____________________ others, you are actually depreciating yourself, for only people with weak self-esteem feel the need to malign others.

  13. Although art can be ______________________, it is not always open to random interpretation.

  14. According to Freud, often those who seem the most _____________ are the ones sublimating their sins.

  15. It is a myth that all Republicans are ______________________ to social services and abortion.

  16. Empathizing with your child instead of disciplining them seems to be a great _____________________ trend in parenting.

  17. Disparaging your friends to others is not only ____________________, but also cowardly.

  18. After a week of grading essays, answering pleas, completing lesson plans, creating data reports, assigning homework, teaching, and breathing, I am usually _____________________.

  19. Long boring PowerPoints that the speaker reads and adorns with clipart often _________________ the audience’s interest in the subject discussed.

  20. If I ever call you stupid, please know that I am being ___________________. If I thought you were stupid, I certainly would not say it.

  21. Sometimes a poem, a piece of visual art, a film, or a book is _____________________--especially if written during realism.

  22. Although ______________________ people can seem entertaining, they are often just as unreliable when it comes to serious matters.

  23. Dining al fresco is the ________________________ of a night well-spent…unless it is cold or raining.

  24. It was with much _________________ that I turned and faced my grandmother after dropping the f-bomb at the Thanksgiving table.

  25. Thinking that women should stay at home and raise children is deemed ____________________ in the 21st Century.

Part 3

Create a stem and three concepts for each word.

Ex: People who are venerated

  1. Gandhi

  2. Alice Walker

  3. Che Guvara

Part 4

Match the synonyms with the word.

  1. Ameliorate

  2. Antipathetic

  3. Aplomb

  4. Apotheosis

  5. Attenuate

  6. Bourgeois

  7. Capricious

  8. Chagrin

  9. Disparage

  10. Duplicitous

  11. Engender

  12. Equivocal

  13. Ethereal

  14. Facetious

  15. Inculcate

  16. Languorous

  17. Obsequious

  18. Pious

  19. Provincial

  20. Pusillanimous

  21. Ribald

  22. Tutelage

  23. Univocal

  24. Venerate

  25. Miasma

  1. Ingratiating, deferential, beggarly

  2. Listless, lethargic, supine

  3. Whimsical, flighty, arbitrary

  4. Obvious, absolute, undeniable

  5. Bucolic, unsophisticated, petty

  6. Averse, contrary, hostile

  7. Shady, deceitful, two-faced

  8. Ambiguous, ambivalent, vague

  9. Guidance, apprenticeship, instruction

  10. Idolization, embodiment, immortalization

  11. Satirical, flippant, jesting

  12. Righteous, sanctimonious, saintly

  13. Profane, bawdy, coarse

  14. Middle-class

  15. Timorous, gutless, tame

  16. Dismay, irritation, shame

  17. Fetor, stink, vapor

  18. Alleviate, mollify, mitigate

  19. Revere, idolize, admire

  20. Induce, instigate, spawn

  21. Celestial, intangible, sublime

  22. Nonchalance, tact, surety

  23. Constrict, debilitate, dissipate

  24. Impart, drill, indoctrinate

  25. Belittle, decry, slander

Part Five

Create a sentence and illustration for each word.

Part Six

Write a two-page letter to either Charles, Leon, Rodolphe, or Monsieur Homais from the perspective of Emma. Integrate at least twenty of the above words. You will be graded on your ability to use the words, as well as your ability to understand and convey character motivation.

Part Seven

Create a crossword or word search using twenty of the words.

These must be typed. There are many free services to make these. is the best.

You may NOT use definitions as clues.

You must have your crossword printed when you walk into class for it to count, for you will complete another student’s game as review.

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