M21-1MR, Part I, Chapter 3, Section B

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12. Veterans Service Organization (VSO) Review of New Rating Decisions


This topic contains information about VSO review of new rating decisions, including
the purpose of VSO review of new rating decisions

establishing time limits for VSO review

VSO review at brokered-work sites, and

the process for VSO rating decision review.

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June 19, 2006

a. Purpose of VSO Review of New Rating Decisions

The purpose of a VSO review of new rating decisions is to provide VSOs an opportunity to review the decision and discuss the case with VA personnel prior to promulgation. This review may result in the correction of errors in rating decisions, discussion of differing points of view, and more favorable decisions for VA claimants.
Note: Local policy determines whether to make deferred ratings and examination requests available for VSO review.

b. Establishing Time Limits for VSO Review

ROs will provide VSOs a minimum of two business (see Important below) days to review a rating decision before promulgation. The two business days will begin on the date the claims folder is placed on the VSO review table. Cases not reviewed after two business days will be released to the authorization activity for promulgation.
Important: Station management and VSOs may negotiate a longer pre-promulgation review time period, but it will not be less than two business days. Consideration of special circumstances will be allowed when negotiating an extended review period.
The VSO must comply with these controls to ensure that the review does not cause unnecessary delays in processing the rating decision.
Note: This policy applies to rating decisions completed in the RO of jurisdiction and at brokered-work sites.

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12. Veterans Service Organization (VSO) Review of New Rating Decisions, Continued

c. VSO Review at Brokered-Work Sites

If no authorized VSO is available at the brokered-work site
promulgate the completed rating decision without VSO review, and

return the case to the RO of jurisdiction.

Note: Resource Centers may return completed rating decisions to the RO of jurisdiction without promulgating the decision.

d. Process for VSO Rating Decision Review

The table below describes the process for VSO representatives to review new rating decisions.




The new rating decision is placed in an area designated for VSO review by the Veterans Service Center (VSC) management.


The VSO reviews the new rating decision.


If the VSO notes a mistake or wants clarification of the rating decision prior to promulgation, the VSO will bring the rating decision to the person designated by local management to resolve the issue.
If the designated person agrees with the VSO, or a different decision resolution is decided, a new decision will be prepared.


changes are made after the review, the Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR)

calls the changes to the representative’s attention, and

goes to Stage 5.

a new rating is required, the RVSR

makes a new rating, and

repeats Stages 1, 2, and 3.


The RVSR refers the case to authorization.

13. Exhibit 1: POA Codes


This topic contains information on the POA codes, including
Notes on POA codes

National Organization POA codes listed alphabetically

National Organization POA codes listed numerically

State Organization POA codes listed alphabetically

State Organization POA Codes listed numerically

Attorney POA codes listed alphabetically, and

Attorney POA codes listed numerically.

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March 26, 2013

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