M. A. in Art History and Visual Culture San José State University

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M.A. in Art History and Visual Culture

San José State University

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The Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture offers a broad education in art history including preparation for a Ph.D. degree program. It also prepares students for a graduate library degree with specialization in art history, as well as a variety of positions including community college professor, researcher, museum curator, art administrator, conservator, and visual resource librarian.

To apply for the M.A. in Art History and Visual Culture please submit the following items.
Step 1. Apply to the Department

  1. Department of Art and Art History M.A. Application Form: http://www.sjsu.edu/art/documents/forms/ma_mfa_program_application.pdf . Be sure to also complete the Academic Summary Form on the second page and include a summary list of all Art History and/or Visual Culture courses you have taken. Also include foreign language courses. If you have fluency in reading and writing languages other than English, please let us know.

  2. Transcripts: An official set of college transcripts must be sent with your application. (A second set of transcripts will be necessary for your application to the University.) If you are currently enrolled in courses, your grades should be submitted as soon as possible to supplement your transcripts.

  3. Letters of Recommendation: Ask three persons familiar with your academic work to send letters of recommendation to the Art & Art History office (clearly indicating that they are for “Art History and Visual Culture Program Admissions)”. Letters should address your preparation for graduate study and your research and writing skills. If your work is already known to some of the SJSU Art History faculty you may list those faculty members as references on your application in lieu of formal letters.   

  4. Statement of Purpose and Résumé: Submit a brief essay stating why you are applying to the M.A. in Art History and Visual Culture and explain how graduate study will enable you to attain personal and/or professional goals. Also include your current résumé.

  5. Writing/Research Sample: Submit two writing samples, such as a term paper in Art History or a related course, in standard soft-cover folders. Note on the cover of each paper that it is intended for “Art Graduate Admissions" and include your name, the title, school, course, and instructor (or, if not for a course, related information).

Please mail completed applications to:

San José State University

Department of Art & Art History

Art History and Visual Culture Program Admissions

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0089

STEP 2. Apply for Admission to San José State University
Application instructions, deadline information, online San José State University admission application for Domestic (U.S.) Students, and a downloadable admission application for International Students can be found at:


Online application through CSU Mentor is available at: http://www.csumentor.edu/admissionapp/grad_apply.asp
For information on the university application process, financial aid, housing, residency, fees, etc., please viewthe Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE) website: http://www.sjsu.edu/gape/
SJSU Catalog (Department of Art & Art History): http://info.sjsu.edu/web-dbgen/catalog/departments/ART.html
If you have any questions, please contact:

Elizabeth Quintana, Graduate Admin Coordinator

Department of Art & Art History


Anthony Raynsford

Graduate Advisor for Art History and Visual Culture

Department of Art & Art History



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