Los Angeles Chapter of nabe a brief History

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Los Angeles Chapter of NABE

A Brief History

In 1968 a group of prominent economists set about to create a new chapter of the then called National Association of Business Economists. On October 18, 1968 the national organization awarded this group its 16th area chapter. It was the fourth chapter awarded that year, behind Seattle, Denver, and Chicago. Raymond Jallow, Chief Economist of First Interstate Bank of California, was elected the first president of the new chapter and served for two years. In 1970 the present policy of electing presidents annually was instituted with the election of Conrad Jamison, Vice President & Economist of Security Pacific National Bank.

Membership grew steadily throughout the 1970’s. By 1979 the organization had 157 members. Three years later membership peaked at 167. Cutbacks and consolidations, particularly in the banking and savings and loan areas, caused membership to decline to 110 by 1985. Thereafter membership leveled off as private economists took jobs in a wider variety of industries.
Many local members have gone on to distinguish themselves in other areas. Thus far, 11 former chapter members have been elected to serve on the national NABE Board of Directors. National NABE Fellows from Los Angeles now total eight. Four have been elected as president of the national organization. Robert ‘Bob’ Perry served as president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve. Kathleen Cooper was the Chief Economist at Exxon and is now Undersecretary for the Department of Commerce. Lynn Reaser was Chief Economist at First Interstate Bank and now holds a similar position with Bank of America Capital Management.
Our local chapter holds monthly luncheon meetings except during the summer. Speakers have come from business, government, and academia. The local chapter has been addressed by members of the Federal Reserve Board, including its Chairman, chief economists from Fortune 500 companies, Nobel Laureates, senior government policy makers, as well as directors of national economic forecasting services. To best serve the local membership, many speakers come from various areas of the Los Angeles and California economic and financial community. National NABE meetings are generally held in the fall in cities across the nation. The local chapter has hosted two of these meetings, in 1980 and 1991.
In the 1990’s the name of the organization was changed to the National Association for Business Economics to better reflect the membership’s interests. The national and local organization welcomes all persons interested in economics that affect business.
Los Angeles Chapter of NABE

Past Presidents

1968-70 Raymond Jallow United California Bank

1970-71 Conrad C. Jamison Security Pacific National Bank

1971-72 Arthur J. Shaw California Federal Saving & Loan

1972-73 Harry R. Biederman Lockheed Corporation

1973-74 G. Russell Morrissey Douglas Aircraft Company

1974-75 Robert T. Parry Security Pacific National Bank

1975-76 J. Howard Craven Union Bank

1976-77 Sol L. Rabin Coldwell Banker Management Corp.

1977-78 Edward C. Crosby United California Bank

1978-79 Ted A. Gibson Rockwell International

1979-80 Neal Pepper Union Oil Company

1980-81 James H. Lewis L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce

1981-82 Grace Wickersham Security Pacific National Bank

1982-83 Charles R. Adams Security Pacific National Bank

1983-84 A. Lynn Reaser First Interstate Bank

1984-85 Kathleen M. Cooper Security Pacific National Bank

1985-86 Edmond D. Villani Scudder, Stevens, & Clark

1986-87 P. Kenneth Ackbarali First Interstate Bancorp

1987-88 Jack Kyser LAEDC

1988-89 Peter B. Jaquette ARCO

1989-90 Jennifer Edwards DRI/McGraw-Hill

1990-91 R. Paul Weddell Douglas Aircraft Company

1991-92 Nancy D. Sidhu Security Pacific Corporation

1992-93 Adam Pilarski Douglas Aircraft Company

1993-94 Leslie Appleton-Young California Association of Realtors

1994-95 Adrian R. Sanchez First Interstate Bancorp

1995-96 Howard Roth Bank of America

1996-97 Abraham J. Falick Navigator Press

1997-98 Gerd-Ulf Krueger California Association of Realtors

1998-99 Gordon Palmer Port of Long Beach

1999-00 James M. Goldberg Trust Company of the West

2000-01 Ross C. DeVol Milken Institute

2001-02 Laurie King Matthias Capital Guardian

2002-03 Ssusan Forte O’Neill Forte Designs

2003-04 Chad Ahrens Garret Aviation

2004-05 Josh Lichtman Fulbright and Jaworski, LLP

Los Angeles Chapter of NABE

Previous Year’s Highlights

  • Topic: "After the Recession: A Monetary Policymaker Looks Ahead" Robert Parry, President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

  • Topic: Budget and Trade Deficits
    Edward M. Gramlich, Member, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve

  • Topic: Energy
    Thom Kelly, Assistant Executive Director, California Energy Commission

  • Topic: China’s Economic Growth & Challenges to it
    Dr. Charles Wolf, Sr. Economic Adviser and Corporate Fellow in International Economics, Rand Corporation

  • Topic: Annual Forecasting Dinner in coordination with LASFA
    Donald Straszheim, Founder & Principal, Straszheim Global Advisors; Kathleen Camilli, Founder and Principal, Camilli Economics, LLC; Richard Bernstein, Merrill Lynch & Company's Chief U.S. Strategist; William Dudley, Managing Director & Chief US Economist at Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York

  • Topic: The Coming Generational Storm
    Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics, Boston University

  • Topic: “The Outlook for Southern California Real Estate"
    Leslie Appleton-Young, Chief Economist, California Association of Realtors; Larry Bloomer, Vice President, Coldwell Banker Commercial WESTMAC; Michael Smooke, Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP

  • Topic: "U.S. Economic Outlook" Professor Ed Leamer, Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast

  • Topic: "California's Economic Prospects" Mr. Howard Roth, Chief Economist of the CA Dept. of Finance

We're Proud

Our speakers are frequently quoted in the national business press, in places such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Forbes, to name a few. They are also frequently invited to be on shows such as CNN's Moneyline, NPR's Talk of the Nation, CBS news, C-SPAN, and ABC News with Peter Jennings. The Los Angeles Chapter of NABE is your chance to meet these influential people and ask questions.

Los Angeles Chapter of NABE

Local Member Benefits

  • Discount at NABE luncheons (accredited)

  • Networking opportunities with intelligent business-oriented partners

  • Name published in Membership Directory

  • Receive copy of IdeaLink from NABE National (bi-monthly)

  • Discount at other co-sponsorship organization luncheons

  • Discount on NABE National teleconferences (for non-chapter members: $50, chapter members: $25)

2005-2006 Board Members

Chapter President

Lynda Lo-Hill

Lo-Hill Consulting

Immediate Past President

Josh Lichtman

Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP
Membership Chair

Candice Flor

Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation
Sponsorship Chair

Thomas Higgins

Payden & Rygel
Press/Public Relations Chair

Sara Chaloen Sutachan

California Association of Realtors

Martin Pitha

Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP

Chad Ahrens

Garrett Aviation

Advisory Board

Ssusan Forte O’Neill

Forte Designs
Laurie King

Capital Guardian Trust Company

Los Angeles Chapter of NABE

P.O. Box 1236 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-1236

E-mail: losangelesnabe@earthlink.net

Website: www.nabe.com/chapters/la

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