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The Longview Kennel Club was formed to promote, protect and advance the interests of purebred dogs, to encourage good sportsmanship

and to conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows, and obedience trials under the rules of the American Kennel Club. By signing this

application, applicant(s) agrees to read and support LKC’s Code of Ethics. Applicants further understand that the Longview Kennel Club

does not approve applications from persons with a history of or potential for breeding for commercial reasons only.

Name_____________________________________________ Home Phone______________________________
E-Mail____________________________________________ Work Phone______________________________
Web Site__________________________________________ Cell Phone________________________________
How long have you lived at your current address? ___________________________________________________
Where do you work? _______________________________________ How long? _________________________
What breed(s) of dog(s) do you have? _____________________________________________________________
Years in purebred dogs? ____________________ Good standing with AKC? Yes__________ No___________
Kennel Name, if any____________________________________________________________________
Do you consider yourself a: Pet Owner: _________
Breeder: Conformation ______ Obedience ______ Pet ______ Other (Explain) _____________________________
Exhibitor: Conformation _______ Obedience _______ Other (Explain) ____________________________________
Are you interested in becoming involved in Conformation __________Obedience___________
How many dogs do you own? Intact Males _______Intact Females _______Spayed/Neutered_________________
In the past 3 years, how many puppies have your bitches produced? ______________________________________
How many litters have bitches owned or co-owned by you produced? ____________________________________
Who is your primary veterinarian? ___________________________________How long? ____________________
Do you belong, or have you belonged, to any other all-breed or specialty clubs? ____________________________
If yes, name of club__________________________________ Length of membership_______________
Offices held____________________________________________________________________
Annual membership desired: Individual ($15)______Household ($20)______ Associate ($10)________
Junior ($10.00 or free)_____If Junior, Date of Birth_______________________________
Reason for desiring Membership in Longview Kennel Club_______________________________________
Once your application is approved by the club, you will be asked to pay dues for the current year to the club Treasurer. After that, during

the month of November, each member will receive a statement of dues for the coming year, payable on or before January 1st.

Applicant understands the Longview Kennel Club does not condone consigning or selling dogs to pet shops, commercial breeders,

wholesalers, retailers, dealers, or researchers. The Club feels members should screen prospective buyers as thoroughly as possible to

determine their desire and intent for each dog and also for their interest in and ability to provide safe, adequate and loving homes for

the dogs. Members should also strive to educate buyers and the public on the care of dogs, and in other areas where the member

is qualified.
Applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution and Bylaws and the Code of Ethics of the Longview Kennel Club. Applicant has

read the Code of Ethics.

If no current members know the applicant well enough to recommend membership, permission is hereby granted for two

members selected by the President or Board to visit my home/kennel in order to ascertain dog ownership practices. Also,

applicant grants permission for LKC to seek a letter of recommendation from applicant’s veterinarian.
Applicant(s) Signature____________________________________Date of Birth: Month______Day______
Applicant(s) Signature____________________________________Date of birth: Month______Day_______

Longview Kennel Club sponsors will write a brief statement of knowledge of the applicant, and will be present

at one reading.
Sponsor’s Signature__________________________________________________________________________
Statement of knowledge_______________________________________________________________________
Sponsor’s Signature___________________________________________________________________________

Statement of knowledge________________________________________________________________________


Date application submitted_______________________________________

First Reading________________________________ Second Reading_______________________________
Date of Approval_______________________________________________
Date initial dues paid_________________________________________________LONGVIEW KENNEL CLUB


Each member of the Longview Kennel Club will consider the welfare of his/her breed when engaging in any activities involving the breeding, selling or competition of purebred dogs. LKC Members are urged to comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Members of the Longview Kennel Club will abide by the constitution and by-laws of the LKC and The American Kennel Club.

  1. Members will ensure that all dogs in their care are provided adequate food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and opportunity for exercise, socialization, and personal attention to monitor their needs. All dogs will be kept in clean, healthy, and safe environments.

  1. Breeding will be directed toward producing dogs of exceptional quality in breed temperament, type, and abilities. Only healthy, mature dogs and bitches, free of congenital defects and of characteristic breed type, sound structure and temperament shall be bred. Members should accept the standards of their breeds as approved by the American Kennel Club (or an equivalent registry recognized by the Club’s board) as the only standards by which dogs shall be bred and judged. Breeders are encouraged to screen for all appropriate hereditary disorders. Only purebred, AKC (or equivalent) registered dogs shall be used for breeding.

  1. Members should not undertake the breeding of a bitch unless they are prepared to act responsibly regarding the disposition of the resultant puppies. Members shall be discriminating in the placing of puppies and adult dogs, choosing environments in which the dogs will receive suitable care and affection and will not be misused.

  1. Breeders shall urge purchasers to spay or neuter any dog, which is not considered of breeding quality, and make use of limited registrations where appropriate. If puppies with serious defects are sold rather than euthanized, they should be spayed or neutered prior to placement in a new home.

  1. Dogs offered for sale or males offered at stud must be presented honestly regarding their pedigrees, their potential as bred and their faults or the fault possibilities that may develop in maturity.

  1. Breeders and stud dog owners are responsible for the progeny of their dogs. Both are required to assist in the care and placement of any dog in rescue that is bred by them or sired by a dog that is owned,

co-owned or leased by them.

  1. Members of the Longview Kennel Club will follow good business practices and ethics in breeding and sales contracts and will honor all agreements. Written agreements in all dealings regarding dogs are strongly encouraged.

  1. No member of this club shall engage in the wholesaling of litters or the selling of breeding stock to commercial sales operations (“puppy mills”). No member will offer or supply dogs of any age for prizes, raffles, or lotteries; nor will they sell puppies to or breed to dogs owned by those who they have reason to believe may do so. No member shall sell any animal on parking lots, roadsides, or at “trade days”.

  1. Registration papers, application for registration, or bill of sale stating sire, dam, date of birth, and registration numbers shall accompany puppies as they go to their new home. Breeders shall furnish buyers with written details on feeding, dates of inoculations, wormings, general care of the puppies, and the name and address of a licensed veterinarian who has examined the puppy after the age of six weeks.

  1. No member shall engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of his/her dogs or those of competitors.

Members will practice the principles of good sportsmanship, considering competition to be a challenge, not a threat. All members of the Longview Kennel Club shall conduct themselves in all aspects of the sport of dogs in a manner designed to reflect credit upon our breeds and our club.

Revised Jan., 2011

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