Long-term living system

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  231F.1  Intent for Iowa’s long-term living system.

  1.  The general assembly finds and declares that the intent for Iowa’s long-term living system is to ensure all Iowans access to an extensive range of high-quality, affordable, and cost-effective long-term living options that maximize independence, choice, and dignity for consumers.

  2.  The long-term living system should be comprehensive, offering multiple services and support in home, community-based, and facility-based settings; should utilize a uniform assessment process to ensure that such services and support are delivered in the most integrated and life-enhancing setting; and should ensure that such services and support are provided by a well-trained, motivated workforce.

  3.  The long-term living system should exist in a regulatory climate that appropriately ensures the health, safety, and welfare of consumers, while not being overly restrictive or inflexible.

  4.  The long-term living system should sustain existing informal care systems including family, friends, volunteers, and community resources; should encourage innovation through the use of technology and new delivery and financing models, including housing; should provide incentives to consumers for private financing of long-term living services and support; and should allow Iowans to live independently as long as they desire.

  5.  Information regarding all components of the long-term living system should be effectively communicated to all persons potentially impacted by the need for long-term living services and support in order to empower consumers to plan, evaluate, and make decisions about how best to meet their own long-term living needs.

2005 Acts, ch 175, §146

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