London’s Burning!

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We will be exploring Stravinsky’s Firebird composition through dance.

Mrs Cheney, Mrs James and Miss Kilduff

Beech and Willow Class

London’s Burning!

October – December



We will be learning to experiment with hot and cold colours. We will be creating silhouettes. We will be studying famous paintings of the Great Fire of London.

We will be looking at 17th Century homes and rebuilding London. Please keep any large cardboard boxes and bring them into school for the week beginning 30th of November.

We will be creating a fire collage for our display and role play corner.


We will be learning about measuring capacity and mass through cooking in our Pudding Lane bakery. We will be practising telling the time and exploring shape.


Diwali 11th November, Journeys, Advent


Learning to play London’s Burning on the Ocarina and practising our nativity songs.


We will be locating London on maps.

We will be looking at the geography of London at the time of the Great Fire.


We will be sorting and grouping materials. We will look at how materials can change. We will be looking at materials for building.


Visit from the Fire Service.

We are going to be creating a section of old London with the Tudor houses we have made at home, and will be setting fire to them during the week after half term.

Visit from Rainbow Theatre on the 7th of December.


We will be learning to write a diary and a newspaper article.

We will be discussing life in 1666.

We will be role-playing the main events of the Great Fire of London.

Fiction texts:

Masha and the Firebird by Margaret Bateson Hill

How the Rabbit Stole the Fire by Joanna Troughton

Fire Cat by Pippa Goodhart

Non-Fiction Texts:

The Great Fire of London by Gillian Clements

Eyewitness: The Great Fire of London

People who help us: The Firefighter


We will be learning about famous people in history (Samuel Pepys, Charles II, Thomas Farynor).

We will be learning about life in 1666.


We will be Stuart estate agents and will be producing adverts for the new homes we build.

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