Local Business 123 Commerce Street

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John Brown

Local Business

123 Commerce Street

North Bay, ON

June 12, 2007
Dear Mr. Brown,
I am a teacher at North Bay Elementary School and I am writing to you on behalf of The Learning Partnership’s Self-Directed Entrepreneurial Adventure Program. This exciting and innovative initiative is all about turning ideas into reality by bringing together K-12 students, teachers and business partners to create their own ventures. It is extremely valuable to the overall development and growth of students in our area.
By encouraging students to think creatively and strategically, and encouraging their organizational and problem solving skills, the Entrepreneurial Adventure Program provides tools that will be invaluable to them in later years, whatever career path they choose to pursue.
As a local business partner, you will work in partnership with a classroom teacher to tap the wealth of energy and bright ideas the students already possess, and bring their entrepreneurial spirit alive. Your commitment to this program would be a significant service not just to our students, but to the businesses in our area and the community itself.
We are looking to form a steering committee consisting of business partners, educators, and the Mayor that will be responsible for promoting the program in our community and for overseeing the annual roll out of the Entrepreneurial Adventure. Your input and knowledge would be a huge asset to this steering committee.
I would love the opportunity to discuss this exciting initiative with you further and would be glad to speak directly with you at your earliest convenience. This is an incredible opportunity to further the skills, talents and abilities of our youth and an excellent way to help them reach their full potential.
I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Name

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Entrepreneurial Adventure


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