Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

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OCTOBER 1, 2001 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2005

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Exit 510, I-90 & HWY 212

P.O. Box 39

Crow Agency, MT 59022

(406) 638-2621

It is with great pride and honor that I place my signature of approval to this, the second Strategic Plan for Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

As we bridge the 21st century, the National Park Service is faced with many unique challenges and changes in the way we do business and serve the public. Little Bighorn Battlefield is empowered to share the mission and goals of the National Park Service with the public. The staff is challenged to focus on accountability and to achieve results in order to better serve the public and protect the fragile resources of our National Parks, for the enjoyment of future generations.
I want to thank all of the park staff who contributed to this important document. With their dedication and vision, we will bridge the 21st century together as a team to ensure the continued preservation of Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.



Neil C. Mangum


Prepared by the following staff at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument:

John A. Doerner, Chief Historian Date

Principle Plan Writer

LIBI GPRA Coordinator

Michael E. Stops, Chief Ranger Date

Co-Principle Plan Writer

Cathy Not Afraid, Administrative Officer Date

Kitty B. Deernose, Museum Curator Date

Ken Woody, Chief of Interpretation Date

Lonnie Hergenrider, Facility Manager Date


Approval Page____________________________________________i

List of Preparers________________________________________ii

Table of Contents________________________________________iii


Government Performance And Results Act of 1993 (GPRA)____v

GPRA Planning Process____________________________________vi

About This Plan__________________________________________vii


LIBI/Outside Agencies____________________________________1


Park Purpose_____________________________________________3

Park Significance________________________________________3

Mission Statement________________________________________4

Park Mission Goals_______________________________________4

Park Long Term Goals_____________________________________5

How Goals Will Be Accomplished___________________________7

Key External Factors_____________________________________9

Strategic Plan___________________________________________10

Goal Category I: PRESERVE PARK RESOURCES_________________10

Goal Category IA:________________________________________11

Park Mission Goal I:_____________________________________11

Park Long Term Goal 1: Exotic Vegetation Species_________11

Park Long Term Goal 2: Historic Structures_______________17

Park Long Term Goal 3: Museum Collections________________23

Park Long Term Goal 4: Archeological Sites_______________29

NPS Mission Goal I: PRESERVE LIBI RESOURCES______________35

NPS Mission Goal IB______________________________________35

Park Long Term Goal 5: Historic Structures Baseline______35

Park Long Term Goal 6: Museum Collections________________41

Goal Category II: PROVIDE FOR PUBLIC ENJOYMENT___________47

NPS Mission Goal IIa_____________________________________47

Park Mission Goal II_____________________________________47

Park Mission Goal III____________________________________47

Park Long Term Goal 7: Visitor Satisfaction________________47

Park Mission Goal 8: Visitor Safety______________________54


NPS Mission Goal IIb_____________________________________60

Park Long Term Goal 9: Visitor Understanding_____________60

Park Long Term Goal 10: Educational Programs_____________66


NPS Mission Goal IVa_____________________________________72

Park Long Term Goal 11: Performance Plans Linked/Goals___72

Park Long Term Goal 12: Workforce Diversity/Permanent____74

Park Long Term Goal 13: Workforce Diversity/Seasonal_____76

Park Long Term Goal 14: Workforce Diversity/Disabled_____78

Park Long Term Goal 15: Workforce Diversity/Disabled_____80

Park Long Term Goal 16: Employee Safety-Lost Time________82

Park Long Term Goal 17: Employee Safety-Pay______________84


Mission Goal Ivb_________________________________________86

Park Long Term Goal 18: Volunteer Hours__________________86

Park Long Term Goal 19: Cash Donations & Grants__________88

Park Long Term Goal 20: Cash Value/In-Kind Donations_____90

Park Long Term Goal 21: Cash Value: SPMA Donations______92

Park Long Term Goal 22: Fee Receipts_____________________94



Mission of the National Park Service_____________________98

Location Map_____________________________________________98

Proposed Boundary Map____________________________________99

Staff Chart______________________________________________100

Visitation Chart_________________________________________101

FY2001 Park & Program Summary-LIBI_______________________102

The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Strategic Plan was written to fulfill the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act. Following is a brief overview of that law, passed by the U.S. Congress in 1993.
It should be noted however, that the Strategic Plan is much more than just a response to legislative mandate. The law was a catalyst that caused Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument staff to reexamine its fundamental mission and take a fresh, long range view in terms of what results or outcomes it needed to achieve more effectively and efficiently to accomplish that mission. It caused us to reexamine the present condition of the natural and cultural resources in our care, the current status of our visitor services, and the existing fiscal, human, and other resources at our command to do our job. It pushed our sights above the usual daily focus on activities and products to take in the bigger picture of where we are and where we want to be. It encouraged us to think and plan in new ways. The effort wasn’t easy, and was even painful at times. The results however, will be better planning, better management, and better communication with all of our constituencies and stakeholders, as well amongst our selves, about who we are, where we need to be, and how we are going to get there.

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