Little Big Man Tournament: Saturday, July 26, 2014 Virginia Beach Field House

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Little Big Man Tournament:
Saturday, July 26, 2014

Virginia Beach Field House

2020 Landstown Centre Way
General Information: The one-day basketball tournament will take place at the Virginia Beach Field House on Saturday, July 26th with games starting at 10am. Players are asked to come at least 30 minutes prior to their game in order to make sure they are in the system, have a waiver on file and each individual is added to their respective team. The games will be 4v4 play, on full basketball courts in order to create space and get in transition for this fast-paced event. Hoops will be lowered to 8½ feet. Dunking is allowed and encouraged. Standard basketball scoring will be utilized.

Registration: $120 per team (early bird $120 registration on or before Saturday July 19th, $120 if after July 16th)

Games: All teams will be guaranteed at least two games in Double Elimination Tournament with the registration of six or more teams. Teams will play two fifteen-minute, running-time halves. If only 4-6 teams register, there is potential to do group play/round robin followed by a single elimination tournament.

Player Info: Teams may have up to eight players on roster, but must start game with at least four in order to avoid a forfeit. We will have a 6’ measuring mark at each scorer’s table, any player or players in question may be measured in socks up to the measuring mark. Opposing teams may request that a player be measured prior to a game. Individuals that are found be to taller than 6’ in socks will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Prizes: Field House t-shirt and $45.00 Field House Grille gift card for the championship team.

Little Big Man Tournament Rules

1) All players must be listed on the team roster in order to be eligible to participate. Rosters will be frozen before the second game. Participation of a non-roster player will result in forfeit of any games in which the player has competed.

2) Teams that are paid in full must check in at the front desk prior to the tournament starts in order to have their name added to the roster and to ensure they have a MySam account and an active waiver on file.

3) Players ARE NOT ALLOWED to play for more than one team within the tournament.

4) A player must be less than 6’0 tall. Any player may be measured prior to the start of a game if requested by the opposing team.

5) All teams must wear same colored shirts. Shirts with numbers are ideal, but are not mandatory. If two teams are close in color, the Home team will be requested to wear pinnies.

6) All technical fouls are two shots and possession. Any player committing two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the game.

7) Flagrant misconduct during the game may also result in ejection from tournament. Fighting WILL result in immediate ejection from the tournament and the player or players will be escorted from the facility. Any of the above listed infractions may result in suspension from the Virginia Beach Field House premises including any and all activities that take place within the Field House.

j) While alcoholic beverages are sold on premises, players must refrain from drinking alcohol as long as they are playing in the tournament.

II. PLAYING RULES – all rules for the tournament will be governed by the Virginia High School Rules interpretation with some modifications outlined at the discretion of the tournament director. The officials have final say on any interpretation of any rule that may be challenged by any coach.

l) The team captain, coach, or other designee is responsible for making sure all players are registered in the MySam system either in advance of the tournament or ensuring that they arrive early to do so before their games.

2) Teams will be asked to check in at the scorer’s table prior to each game. Roster names and numbers will be printed or written into the scorebook before the game.

3) A player that arrives after the start of the game who is not entered in the scorebook may be added, but only if they have not played on another team and show a receipt from the front desk verifying their account is active and a waiver has been signed.

4) Game will consist of two fifteen-minute running clock with a regulation clock in the last two minutes of the second half. Halftime will be approximately two minutes in length, but at the referee’s ultimate discretion.

5) In the event that the score is tied at the end of regulation the first overtime period will be a one minute regulation clock (clock will stop on each whistle). Possession will be determined by a jump ball. In the event that the score is tied after the first overtime, the sudden death overtime rule will occur and the first team who scores will be declared the winner.

6) Each team will have one 30 second time-out per half and time-outs MAY NOT carry over between halves. Each team will be given one extra timeout for overtime or sudden death.

7) Teams must have at least four players available to start the game. Players must be dressed and ready to play to start the game. Teams may continue with less in the event of an injury.

8) Teams may be awarded a 5 minute grace period to field eligible players to start the game. At the conclusion of the 5 minute grace period the game WILL be declared a forfeit.

9) Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls. A 1-and-1 will be shot after 7 team fouls and 2 shots after the 10th team foul.

10) Hanging on or snapping the rim during warm-ups will result in 1 technical foul per incident. 11) For player’s safety no jewelry or hats will be allowed while on the court. This includes newly pierced areas that CANNOT be covered.

12) Team captains are the only individuals allowed to approach referees on rule interpretation (not judgment calls) or the scorekeeper regarding the score. Other players may check on player and team fouls or number of time-outs during dead balls or timeouts. Talking with the referee or scorekeeper at any other time will result in a technical foul.

13) There will be a field house employee at each table in order to keep score and track fouls. Substitutes must check in at the scorer’s table before entering the game

14) Basketball rims will be lowered to 8’ 6” during play

15) Referees will access technical fouls for any player gratuitously hanging on the rim (after a dunk) at their own discretion.

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