Life On Mars? (a k. a) A whiter Shade of Pale

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Life On Mars?

(a.k.a) A Whiter Shade of Pale

4 Wall Line Dance. 32 Counts. Intermediate

Choreographed by: Ingemar Kardeskog (Sweden) December 2005

Choreographed to: A Whiter Shade of Pale by Sarah Brightman (74 bpm) from Album Very Best of 1990-2001 (intro: 32 counts from beginning. No restarts, No Tags)

Music Suggestion: Life On Mars?’ by David Bowie (62 bpm) from Best of David Bowie 1969/1974 Album

(32 count intro from “It’s a god-awful …”, on lyrics “But the film is a saddening bore”) In David Bowie’s version

there is one restart, on 4th wall, after count 4 in section 3. Begin again from counts 7 & 8 in section 2 (last 2 counts in section 2) and dance through to end of dance.


Actual Footwork

Calling Suggestion


Section 1

Step, Touch, Back x 3, 1/2 Turn, Side, Cross, Rock, Side, Cross

1 – 3

Step forward right. Touch left beside right. Step back long step on left.

Step Touch Back


4 &

Step back right. Step back left.

Back Back


Make 1/2 turn right on ball of left stepping forward on right.


Turning right

6 – 7

Step left to left side. Cross rock right over left.

Side Cross


8 & 1

Recover onto left, Step right to right side, Cross left over right.

Rock & Cross


Section 2

3/4 Turn Right, Step, Right Coaster Step, Side, Sailor Step

2 – 3

Turn 3/4 right stepping onto right. Step forward left. (Facing 3 o’clock)

Turn Step

Turning right

4 & 5

Step back on right. Step left beside right. Step forward right.

Coaster Step

On the spot


Step left to left side.



7 & 8

Sweep right behind left. Step left to left side. Step right to place.

Sailor Step

On the spot

Section 3

Side, Together, Cross, Side, Modified Sailor 1/2, Step, 1/2, Sweep 1/4

1 – 2

Step left to left side. Step right beside left.

Side Together


& 3

Cross left over right. Step right to side.

& Side



Sweep left from front to back turning 1/2 left stepping left behind right.


Turning left

& 5

Step right to right side. Step forward left.

& Step

On the spot ??

6 & 7

Step forward right. Turn 1/2 left on left. Step forward right

Step Turn Step

Turning left


Sweep left forward turning 1/4 right. Option: Full turn and 1/4 turn right.


Turning right

Section 4

Cross, Back Lock, Sailor 1/4, Step, Sway x 2, Together, Step


Cross left over right.



2 & 3

Step back on right. Lock left across right. Step back on right.

Back Lock Back


4 & 5

Sweep left behind right. Turn 1/4 left stepping right to side. Step left to place.

Sailor Turn

Turning left

6 – 7

Sway to right shifting weight to right. Sway to left shifting weight to left.

Sway Sway

On the spot

8 &

Step right beside left. Step left forward.

Step &


Danced on 7th wall, during section 1, on count 6 (facing 12 o’clock):

Big Finish

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