Life of the Mind Course Offerings Spring 2015 mind 180 Great Ideas of the Western Tradition—Brook Blair crn 21637 mwf 12: 20 – 1: 10

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Life of the Mind Course Offerings

Spring 2015

MIND 180 Great Ideas of the Western Tradition—Brook Blair CRN 21637 MWF 12:20 – 1:10
One the chief concerns of this course will consist, to borrow from Nietzsche’s famous distinction in The Birth of Tragedy, in an examination of the tension between tragic wisdom and theoretical wisdom, that is, between a practical pessimism of strength and the rational cheerfulness of science. While Plato’s dialogues concerning the last days of Socrates will serve as the main point of departure in our discussion of theoretical wisdom, we will be focusing on a range of authors in our discussion of tragic wisdom, including the dramas of Sophocles and Shakespeare, along with the analyses of Aristotle, Hölderlin, and Nietzsche. In addition, we will conclude the semester’s investigations by viewing Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010), a film about the most ancient pictorial art ever discovered (in the Chauvet Cave in France), and a more general examination of the functions of imagination, poiesis, and language in shaping human existence, as developed especially in the writings of Shelley, Heidegger, and Char. Counts in Liberal Arts Core areas 3b and 7.

MIND 182 Confluence of Cultures: Soliya Connect Program—Michael Kimball CRN 21505 TR 12:30 – 1:45
This class is based on a partnership between UNC and the international Soliya Connect Program. We explore the rich diversity of Muslim beliefs, practices, and identities as well as misconceptions and misunderstanding in the West and Arab/Muslim countries through reading, discussion, critical examination of the Media, and by developing interpersonal relationships with college students from Europe and the Middle East through the Connect Program's cutting edge videoconferencing technology. It's like studying abroad without leaving your home! Counts in Liberal Arts Core areas 3b and 8.
MIND 288 Contemporary Arts Connections: Computer Graphics for the Arts—Anna Ursyn CRN 20481 MW 4:45 – 6:00

This course is aimed at promoting computer graphics skills and visualization methods. With the growing power of visualizations, the role of visual literacy in general education becomes increasingly important. Goals of the course include an understanding of the relationships between different types of arts, the ability to search subject-related information from multi-media materials, the analysis and critique of interdisciplinary art and design-related products, the visual presentation of data, and the familiarity with real-life applications of electronic media and digital tools that is often in demand by potential employers. Counts in Liberal Arts Core electives.

MIND 289 Coming of Age in the 21st Century—Patricia Jolly CRN 21570 T 2:30 – 5:30

This class will examine themes of what it means to come of age: How do we decide when adulthood starts? (Why do we allow people to quit school before they can vote, or serve their country before they can drink, or buy a house before they can rent a car?) How do other cultures experience growing up? What are some of the rights of passage that occur in places around the world? What are our rights of passage? How do different disciplines contribute to the idea of coming of age? What defined the passage to adulthood in the generations of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and now? We will combine books, films, music, lectures and discussions to learn more about how our experience of growing up defines our understanding of current events, history and meaning. Counts in Liberal Arts Core electives.

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