Life in Imperial Rome

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Life in Imperial Rome

Directions: Please read your assigned sections on pages 150 to 152, and answer the corresponding questions.

Men and Women

  1. What three values did Rome emphasize?

  2. If a person has these values, than they have the virtue of ________________.

  3. Romans honored __________ more than beauty, power more than ___________, and ____________ more than elegance.

  4. The eldest man known as the _________________, or “father of the___________” had the power to rule the ________________

  5. List the things that a paterfamilias controlled or could do (there are 5).

  6. Were the women of Rome equal in status to men?

  7. What was the role of women:

    1. What could they do?

    2. What were they not allowed to do?

Children and Education

  1. Why do Romans favor boys?

  2. What were girls were not given their own __________ but given ________________ forms of their ______________ name.

  3. Who went to school and how long did they go until?

  4. Girls from upper class families often were educated at __________ and were ______________ for _____________ and _________________.

  5. What age did girls usually marry?

  6. What happened to poor children?

Slaves and Captivity

  1. Slavery was ________________ and important to the _________________.

  2. Who made use of more slaves than any other previous civilization?

  3. Where did the Romans get their slaves?

  4. Children born to ___________ also became _______________.

  5. What could a master do to their slaves as they saw fit? (there are 4)

  6. How were slaves treated?

  7. Who were gladiators?

Gods and Goddesses

  1. What is numina?

  2. What were Lares?

  3. Romans gave their gods and goddesses names and honored these _______________ gods and goddesses through various _____________, hoping to gain ___________ and avoid _____________.

  4. What two things were linked in Rome?

  5. Who is the father of the Gods and who is his wife?

  6. By A.D. 100, why did Romans become interested in Asian religions?

Bread and Circuses” – Food and Entertainment

  1. What made a huge difference in how peopled of Rome lived in the new empire?

  2. Explain the lifestyle of the rich.

  3. During the time of the empire, much of the cities’ population was ________________.

  4. How did the government support the unemployed?

  5. What did the Roman government provide to distract the masses?

  6. There were ________ holidays a year by A.D. 250 and on these days they celebrated in the _____________ which was a huge arena that could hold ____________ people.

  7. What did people watch in the Colosseum?

  8. What new religion developed during this time?

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