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Lexile: 1100

F Aus Pride and prejudice. Austen, Jane, 1100

F Bra Lady of Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer 1100

F Her Dune : House Atreides Herbert, Brian 1100

F Hun Across five Aprils Hunt, Irene. 1100

F Mit Gone with the wind Mitchell, Margaret 1100

Lexile 1100 Total: 5
Lexile: 1109

F Lon The call of the wild London, Jack 1109

Lexile 1109 Total: 1
Lexile: 1110

F Con Lord Jim Conrad, Joseph 1110

F Har Far from the madding crowd : With photos. of the author, his environment and the setting of the book, together with an introd Hardy, Thomas., 1110

F Kes One flew over the cuckoo's nest : a novel. Kesey, Ken. 1110

F Sac Beyond safe boundaries Sacks, Margaret. 1110

F Woo Queen of the Summer Stars. Woolley, Persia. 1110

Lexile 1110 Total: 5
Lexile: 1117

F Cha Canterbury tales Chaucer, Geoffrey 1117

F Koo Midnight Koontz, Dean R. 1117

Lexile 1117 Total: 2
Lexile: 1120

F Bra The mists of Avalon Bradley, Marion Zimmer. 1120

F Joy A portrait of the artist as a young man. Joyce, James, 1120

F McC Dragondrums McCaffrey, Anne. 1120

F Spa The prime of Miss Jean Brodie Spark, Muriel. 1120

F Spr The case of the cryptic crinoline Springer, Nancy. 1120

Lexile 1120 Total: 5
Lexile: 1126

F Ant The source of magic Anthony, Piers. 1126

F Arm Steal away Armstrong, Jennifer, 1126

F Mar The late George Apley Marquand, John Phillips 1126

F Mic Hawaii Michener, James A 1126

Lexile 1126 Total: 4
Lexile: 1130

F Cap The Thanksgiving visitor. Capote, Truman, 1130 (AD)

F Dic A tale of two cities Dickens, Charles, 1130

F Dic A tale of two cities (Adapted Classic) Dickens, Charles 1130

F Hun Up a road slowly. Hunt, Irene. 1130

F Lac Owlflight Lackey, Mercedes. 1130

F Uhl Reunion Uhlman, Fred. 1130

Lexile 1130 Total: 6
Lexile: 1135

F Ste Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Louis 1135

Lexile 1135 Total: 1
Lexile: 1140

F Gar Dove and sword : a novel of Joan of Arc Garden, Nancy 1140

F Hel Catch-22 Heller, Joseph. 1140

F Jam The turn of the screw : an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, essays in criticism James, Henry, 1140

F Pla The bell jar Plath, Sylvia. 1140

Lexile 1140 Total: 4
Lexile: 1150

F Bro The moves make the man Brooks, Bruce 1150

F Bro The Moves make the man Brooks, Bruce 1150

F Cat Death comes for the archbishop Cather, Willa, 1150

F Coh Cupcake Cohn, Rachel 1150

F Ham Those who hunt the night Hambly, Barbara. 1150

F Jam The ambassadors James, Henry, 1150

F JOH Middle passage : a novel Johnson, Charles Richard, 1150

F Kaf The trial Kafka, Franz 1150

F Ken Schindler's list Keneally, Thomas. 1150

F leG A wizard of Earthsea. LeGuin, Ursula. 1150

F Pau The crossing Paulsen, Gary. 1150

Lexile 1150 Total: 11
Lexile: 1160

F Lew Arrowsmith Lewis, Sinclair 1160

F Mur The Off season Murdock, Catherine Gilbert 1160

F Shi The stone diaries Shields, Carol 1160

F Tur Learning to swim : a memoir Turner, Ann Warren 1160

F Woo Child of the northern spring Woolley, Persia, 1160

Lexile 1160 Total: 5
Lexile: 1170

F Sal Jimmy D., Sidewinder, and me Salassi, Otto R. 1170

F She Frankenstein Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft 1170

F Sin The jungle Sinclair, Upton Beall 1170

Lexile 1170 Total: 3
Lexile: 1175

F Wha The age of innocence Wharton, Edith 1175

Lexile 1175 Total: 1
Lexile: 1180

F Aus Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane., 1180

F Bel Pere Goriot Balzac, Honore' de. 1180

F Dic Bleak house Dickens, Charles, 1180

F Sut The light beyond the forest : the quest for the Holy Grail Sutcliff, Rosemary. 1180

Lexile 1180 Total: 4
Lexile: 1183

F Hag King Solomon's mines Haggard, H. Rider 1183

F Har Jude the obscure Hardy, Thomas 1183

Lexile 1183 Total: 2
Lexile: 1190

F Cla 2001 : a space odyssey Clarke, Arthur C. 1190

Lexile 1190 Total: 1
Lexile: 1197

F Wel The war of the worlds Wells, H. G. 1197

Lexile 1197 Total: 1

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