Lewis & Clark Poster Project

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Lewis & Clark Poster Project

The Task:

To create a poster about three aspects of the Corps of Discovery.
What to include:
Your project must contain the following elements:

  1. Project must be on a large poster board (see me if you need me to provide poster board).

  2. The title of your poster, which should be related to your topic.

  3. Information on each of your topics in 10 bulleted sentences.

  4. A primary source - one journal entry from the Corps journals that relates to each of your topics. This must be a direct quote from the journals.

  5. The importance of your topics on Westward expansion/understanding the West in 3 bulleted sentences.

  6. A minimum of six pictures related to your topics.

  7. Your project must use at least five colors.

  8. Your project must be neat and have no mistakes in spelling or usage.

  9. You must follow the directions given on this sheet and in class.

  10. You must include a bibliography for all sources used including your primary sources. All work must be in your own words.

The Due Date: ________________________________________

Lewis & Clark Poster Project Grading Sheet

Poster is titled

5 4 3 2 1
10 factual, bulleted statements about each of your topics.

30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Three bulleted statements about why your topics are important

15 10 5 0

One journal entry for each topic from the Corps, documented with author and date, related to your topic

10 5 0
A minimum of six pictures.

15 10 5 0
Use of 5 colors and Neatness

5 0

5 0

5 0

All work is in your own words and you have included an accurate bibliography, including journal entries.

10 5 0

Poster Topics
You are not limited to these topics. These are suggestions to help you get started. If you think of something else, please ask for approval before you proceed.
Native American groups (there are several they encounter – choose one)







Nez Perce



Animals discovered

Plants discovered

Missouri River

Bitterroot Mountains

Thomas Jefferson

Meriweather Lewis

William Clark


Outfitting the expedition

Fort Mandan


Jean Baptiste Charbonneau

Louisiana Purchase

Fort Clatsop

The return trip


Cartography (Map Making)


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