Levi Strauss Essay

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Levi Strauss Essay

Levi was born on February, 16, 1829 in Barvarrian, Buttenheim, Germany. Levi died at a young age of 74 on September 26, 1902, and everyone was devastated because everyone liked him. He came to America when he was 18 years old. Rebecca Haas was his wife, and he had four kids called Jacob Jonas, Levi, Mary, and Fanny. He mostly lived in San Francisco. Levi also had very interesting facts about his life. One of the facts was that, Levi loved giving elegant dinner parties for his friends. Levi loved theaters, concerts, and social literary clubs. In 1869, Levi became a member of the California Immigrant Union.

Levi Strauss is the person who created Levi Jeans. Levi built his company from the ground up. Without Levi Strauss, jeans may not been created. Levi sold blue jeans in San Francisco, California. Levi’s most popular kind of jeans were denim jeans. The whole sale company sold clothing, dry goods, linens, boots, and shoes. Levi bought lots of real estate, including the Oriental Hotel. Levi was a member of the Eureka Benevolent Society, a Jewish charitable organization for orphans. Levi became a member of the California Immigrant Union, founded to promote California products and to encourage immigration from Europe to the East Coast. Too add, Strauss established 28 scholarships at the University of California, and donated money to the School of Deaf. Levi loved giving elegant dining parties for his friends in private dining rooms of the Saint Francis Hotel. Levi never gave up working.

Levi came to America because he was Jewish and lived in Germany. Many of the Jewish people were killed in nearby cities. Anti- Semitism drove many families to immigrate to the United States. Levi’s family were only allowed to live in a small part of town. He was pushed out of Germany because of cruelty. The number of marriages was restricted, and Jews had to pay special taxes on their homes and businesses. After his dad died, his family decided to go to America. Jewish people couldn’t vote. Jews could only be married for one year. Jewish people only lived on one street. When they got to America, they were confused because all of the big buildings, and the words spoken. Levi and his family went on ship to NY then a train toward the West Coast. He went to America to get money and join the gold rush. Additionally, he wanted to be free. Levi went to America to get out of Germany. Levi came to get work for his family. After the gold was gone, he worked as a food salesmen.

Levi Strauss will always be remembered in American history. Levi made one of the most popular clothing brands ever. Levi Strauss always loved America because America had equal rights. Levi helped disabled students by making a foundation. He even was one of the most determined and happy people ever. When Levi died, he was really missed. Levi was one of the most well-known people in San Francisco. Levi Strauss probably came here because he knew that America is a melting a pot. A melting pot is when all cultures come in one place. Without Levi, parts of fashion would not have been the same. Levi’s are the most popular jeans in the world. Without Levi Jeans, jeans might have not been made.

I chose Levi Strauss because I like wearing Levi Jeans all the time. I only wear Levi Jeans because they are comfortable. He even inspired other people to wear jeans. Jeans are one of the most popular clothing styles in the world. Levi could have inspired more people, but jeans were more popular when he died. Levi even inspired other people to make clothing brands. Levi once said a famous quote, “I don’t think money brings friends to its owner; often the result is quite the controversy.” This quote means money can’t do everything for you. Another reason is money could change people. The quote applies to society because if you were poor growing up and became rich later, you might turn selfish or mean. The quote could even apply to me because if I become rich, I could be mean to my friends and my family.

Levi had a horrible childhood in Germany. Levi was beat up because he was Jewish and lived in Germany. Levi was called names. Jewish people lived in a small part of town. Jewish marriages were restricted. Jews were killed in nearby cities. Anti- Smitism drove many Jewish people away to the New World. In Barvaria, no Jewish people could vote. The Strauss family paid special taxes on their homes and businesses. In Bettelheim, half of the Jews already left. Every new ruler that came made new laws against Jews. Afterwards Levi father’s thought to move to America. Levi’s father died, and Levi wanted to go to America because his father knew it would be better. Levi was successful, and he was from a different country.

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