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Recioient Subiect

U/CO-Grad School Nancy Page Barber recommendation

Nancy Barber Enclosed above letter

Ariz. State U. Dennis Bixler-Marquez

D. Bixler-Marquez Enclosed above letter of

Yvonne Farnsworth Complaint-towels, ceramic kilns

Patrick Hill Role and Mission

Thanks/Staff Retreat to all following:

Ken Jacob,Gary Russell,Rita Grace,Matt Smith, Jennifer Jaech,

Don Chalmers,Sarah Pedersen,Kathleen Garcia,Rita Cooper,Mike

Beug,Jeannie Chandler,Ellie Dornan,Becky Gallagher,Margarita,

Chuck Pailthorp,Denis Snyder,Stone Thomas (absent), Karen

Wynkoop,Bill Zaugg,Jim Johnson,Ken Winkley,Jan Lambertz,

Forrest Wilcox,Barbara Smith,Mark Clemens,Mas Jones,Jim

Duncan,Gail Martin,Steve Hunter,Joyce Weston,Carolyn Dobbs,

Steve Trotter,Patrick Hill,Arnaldo Rodriguez

Gail Tremblay Distin. Native Am. Poet by UW

J.R. LeMaster, Baylor U.-Sent 9 transitions

G. James Capelli, Clover

Susan Dunn, ES

Rep. Karen Schmidt

Rep. Paul Zellinsky

Sen. Ellen Craswell

Rep. Max Vekich

Rep. Bob Basich

George Weyerhaeuser Endowed Evans Chair

Eric Karlstrom Interest-teaching applicant

Forrest Wilcox Planned giving seminar

Allan Brooks Thank you/telecommunication ideas

Don Chalmers MacArthur Foundation

Kevin Hastings Complaint-catalog pictures

Sen. Ray Moore Thanks for meeting

Maxine Mimms Handicapped people of color

Jule Sugarman,DSHS Thanks for meeting

Sen. Frank Warnke

Rep. Dick Nelson

Adele Simmons MacArthur Foundation appointment

Sen. Eleanor Lee Thanks for meeting

Rep. Helen Sommers

Frasca and Levensky

Sen. Bill Smitherman

Joye Hardiman mtg.

Bd. of Trustees

Bd. of Trustees

Selected presidents

Mark Clemens

Dick Cecil, Kodak

Eileen Henshaw

Lew Pumphrey

Arno Zoske

Sarah Applegate

Ford Anderson


Park VTI-Thanks/speech comments

Thanks/courtesies-speech Silverdale Thanks for meeting


Enjoyed attending their program

Thanks for meeting

Appreciation to Tacoma for BOT

HECB role and mission for us

HECB budget priorities

Small Public Ivies Meeting

Applicant-VP for Advancement

U.S. Olympic Academy XIII support

David's address

Communication problem-8 yr. tenure

Congrats. to soccer team

Congrats. - swim champ

Murdock Trust grant

Reunion Luncheon, 12/14


14 ~I






ReciDient Subject

Janet Thompson Apptmt. -Staff Prof. Dev. Comm.

Eric Larsen Styrofoam insulation in gymnasium

George Scott Applicant-VP for advancement

Deb Wenneman Psych class member-eval . problem

Community Great Am. Smokeout-11/17

Letter re James Martin, et al. sent to following:

Jean Marie Brough, Sen. Slim Rasmussen, Rep. Gene Lux,

Lorraine Wojahn, Rep. Karla Wilson, BOT, Mike Grant-AG,

Martin, Margarita Mendoza de Sugiyama, Rep. Denny Dellwo

is Interest in position

Applicant-VP for Advancement

Inquiry re TESC/UW combining

Info re solicitations Spokane Unsoeld, Fraser - BOT luncheon invite

Applicant-VP Advancement

Thanks-doing all you can on EF

Nomination Donald Davidson Kong Introduction-Mike Beug




Nanci-Ames Curt

John Cain

R. Louis Tronecker

Halvor Halvorson

Belcher, Kreidler,

Jean Coblentz

Patrick Hill

U. of Nevada-Reno

Oxford Instit.-Hong

Shanghai I.S. Univ.

Beijing Normal U.

Yunnan University

Lee Howard

Thomas Purce

Bob Grieves

Franz Froelicher

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith

Steve Hunter

Patrick Hill

Randy Hayden, Marriott

Westfield State College

Ken Winkley

U. of NC at Charlotte

Roger Johnson,U S.Miss.

Rep. Paul Zellinsky

Jim Seaton, Marriott

Sen. Irv Newhouse

Resolution from JDO

Carletta Taylor

Rep. Margaret Rayburn

Rep. Joanne Brekke

Rep. Dick Schoon

Rep. Dean Sutherland

Sen. Al Williams

Rep. Holly Myers

Management Team

Rep. Joe King

Rep. Jay Inslee

Sen. Frank Hansen

Rep. Shirley Doty

Rep. Clyde Ballard

Rep. Curtis Smith

Applicant-VP Advancement

Personal -recommendation

Candidate-faculty position

Frank Froel icher-faculty candidate

Olympic College proposal

Statewide assessment programs

Thanks-update strategic plan


Nomination-Patrick Hill

Rec Building Dedication

Nomination-Richard Page

Nominated Bob Grieves

Response-his questions

Enjoyed discussion recently

Thanks for meeting

DTF to ban use of CFCs

Good meeting at Peoples of WA Thanks for meeting




Change mtg. date to 1/13, CAB 108

Admissions materials for daughter

Thanks for Meeting



November 23









Shawn Newman

Rep. Paul Zellinsky

Bill Gerberding, UW

Fulbright Abroad

TESC Students

Faculty and Staff

Patrick Hill

Chalmers,Hill ,Jaech,G

Rodriguez Smith

Westfield State Coll.

Carleton College

Rep. Evan Jones


Don Chalmers

Ichiro Akiyoshi ,Kobe

Rita Cooper

YEAR 1988 Page 31


Use of College Name

Response to questions

BOT mtg. at UW - request room

Recommendation-Llyn DeDanaan

Study in Australia

Exchange with Australia

Late evaluations Martin, R.Martin,Minugh, Parker,

K-12 Education study day

Nomination Dick Page

Candidacy-Donald Davidson

James Martin, et cl. complaint

Salary adjustment

AT&T Donation Program

New exchange faculty, end of Mar.

Hill leave accumulation

Rita Cooper

Herb Gelman

Lee Howard

Theresa Anna Aragon VP Candidate-rejected

Board-Agenda Item Faculty Salary Scale

Board-" Exempt Salary Increases

Les Purce VP Candidate Interview

Mr. & Mrs. W. Ghormley Evergreen Fund Donors

Alan Newberg Interest in employment

Steve Trotter Salary increase

James Stevenson,Olympian Alice Watts passing

Mary Jane Klaila Student address records complaint

Dolbeare,Labine,Lidman,Rainey, White-Centennial Scholars Book


Olander leave accumulation VP Candidate Interviews





Al Froderberg, WWU

Staff and Faculty

Brad Shannon,Olympian

Rep. Kim Peery

Larry Norwood

Jack Cross

Barbara Smith


Rep. Jolene Unsoeld

Rep. John Betrozoff

Rep. Dick Nelson

Rep. Mike Padden


Mason Blacher

Patrick Hill

Neil Uhlman, HECB

Jean Coblentz

Rep. Doug Sayan

Cleveland R. Green

Minn.State U. System

Ann Daley

Carol Hall,Howard U.

COP participation in past

Holiday Gathering-12/16

Thanks for Scutt visit

Thanks for meeting

Thanks for Scutt visit

Personal - Australia

Outside reviewers report on Center

12/14 Board Schedule

James Martin, et al. complaint

Appointment-USOA Bd. representative

VP Candidates

Middle school outreach funds caput

Thanks for Scutt visit

VP Candidate - thanks for visit

Thanks for meeting

Recognition of contribution

Nominated Dick Page

Appointment-Exec.Dir., HECB

Admissions packet for son


December 9

John Scutt




Recioi ent

Coleman 0' Fl aherty Enjoyed visit

Mayor Isao Ishiko, Yashi

Sen. Frank Warnke

Ken Winkley

Richard Schwartz

Lt. Gov. Pritchard

Ralph Munro

Richard Marquart

Ken Eikenberry

Sen. George Fleming

Robert Graham

Suggested Commencement

Forrester Church,Al ice

Henrietta Whiteman,Leo

YEAR 1988 Page 32

Sub iect

Enjoyed meeting at AASCU here

ro - Branch Campus of TESC at Yashiro

Congrats-chair of Demo Caucus

MSCU Capital Fund materials

Holiday wishes

Congrats-election to lt. gov.

Congrats-re-el ecti on

Loss of lt. gov. election Congrats-re-el ecti on

Speakers as follows: Ram Dass, Rev.

Walker,Bill Moyers,Maya Angelou,

Buscaglia,Robt. Michael Pyle,Tom

Robbins,Anne Cameron,Gary Larson,Martin Sheen,Jesse Jackson,

Vine Deloria,John Stockwell,Rev. Ray.Hunthausen,Carlos

Pat Schroeder

Exchange of Prof.Ichiro Akiyoshi

Sorry couldn't attend AASCU

Development of new high school

Congrats on re-election

Enjoyed MSCU meeting

Thanks for quotation sent

Thanks/Unterseher work

Congrats-election state treasurer

Congrats-re-el ecti on

Congrats on election

Nomination Dick Page

Thanks for meeting

Nomination Patrick Hill

Thanks for VP candidate tours

Pres. reading seminar

Address questions at comm.forum

Australian faculty exchange

Congrats-re-el ection

Cortes, Lynda Barry, Cong.

Yukio Goto, Kobe

Arthur Appleton

John Gott

Gov. Booth Gardner

Andrew Abrams

Larry Davis, Sen.Ed

Jerry Anderson, AAG

Dan Grimm

Brian Boyle

Judith Billings, SPI

Pembroke State U.

Sen. Dan McDonald

Pembroke State U.

Barbara Reichmann

Barbara Smith

Matt Green

Paul Sparks

Sen. Ellen Craswell

Sen. Jerry Saling

Rep. Bill Brumsickle

Rep. Jolene Unsoeld

Rep. Gary Locke

Sen. Neil Amondson

Rep. Helen Sommers

U. of Oregon

Rep. Art Wang

Lee Howard

Les Purce

U. of Oregon

David G. Brown,UNCA

Bill Arney

James Dinerman

David Bjornson

Elaine Jones, HEC~

Congrats on election

Congrats-election to Congress

Congrats-appointment chair,Approp.

Congrats-election to State Senate

Congrats-apptmt-Chair, Capital Comm.

Nomination - Dick Page

Congrats-apptmt. Chair, Revenue

VP candidate-thanks/interview

Nomination Richard Meyers

Invite SUNY-Geneseo & Ft. Lewis Col.

Thanks invite to program & letter

Evergreen Fund Donor

St. Peter Cataract & Laser Center

WWU Master of Ed degree in curric.


December 14







Board-Agenda item

Board-Agenda item

Board-Agenda item

Board-Agenda item

Board-Agenda item

Board-Agenda item

Primer and Pfeifer

Selected Staff & Faculty

Candy Curl, Emp.Sec.

John Warring

Lauro Cavazos

TESC Community

Barbara Smith

Code Reviser's Ofc.

Mike Fitzgerald

Sen. Marcus Gaspard

Larry Faulk

Sen. Jeannette Hayner

Rep. Georgette Valle

Primer and Pfeifer

Patrick Hill

Debbie Lyons, AIFS

Brian Rothwell

Fort Lewis College

Central Mo. St.Univ.

U. of No. Iowa

Rep. Tom Bristow

Robert Handy

Code Reviser's Office

Donald Gerth

No. Mich. Univ.

Assoc. for Pub.Pol. Anal

Dan and Nancy Evans

Sen. Phil Talmadge


Sen. Jerry Saling

Dante Nato

YEAR 1988 Page 33


Apptmt. USOA Board Rep.

New Housing Phase III Recom.

Admissions Criteria and Procedures

Revisions to WAC

Combining Crim.Tres.Pol. with WAC

Computer Services Pol. & Proced.

Samaranch/Helmick correspondence

K-12 Educ.Study Day-b am 2/3

Business Week (her son's interest)

Labor Center supporter

Congrats-U.S.Secy. of Education

Death of Jessica Kelso

Registr~y of Higher Ed. Reform

TESC Bd. Mtg. Dates-1989

Collaboration w. Econ.Dev. Bd.

Thanks for meeting

Public service and VP position

Thanks for meeting

Thanks for meeting

BOT apptmt. of Olander to USOA Bd.

Registry of Higher Ed. Reform

Impressed with catalog & info

Personal and AASCU

Nominated Bill Arney

Nominated Bill Arney

Nominated Bill Arney

Thanks for meeting

Interested in position

Withdrawal of WAC 174-136-030

IAUP and ACE meeting - regrets

Nomination-Dick Page

ysis - Sen.Evans honorarium as gift

Thanks-honorarium/gift Pres. Club

James Martin, et al. complaint

Reimbursement to travel for JDO

James Martin, et al. complaint

Evans' honorarium to Evergreen Fund

30 Dennis and Joan Peterson Thanks/reviewing VP candidates

30 Ray and Jeanne Meredith Thanks/reviewing VP candidates
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