Letter to Mikhail Gorbachev and Valentin Pavlov from Gediminas Vagnorius

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Letter to Mikhail Gorbachev and Valentin Pavlov

from Gediminas Vagnorius


24 January 1991

Mikhail Gorbachev

President of the USSR
Valentin Pavlov

Prime Minister of the USSR

After the bloody events of 13 January in Vilnius, a delegation of the USSR Council of the Federation arrived in the Republic of Lithuania to investigate the situation, whereas currently an envoy of the USSR President, USSR People's Deputy G.Tarazevich, is in Vilnius. The Soviet representatives have more than once also publicly declared that the purpose of their visit to Lithuania is to help establish and maintain contacts between the leadership of the Republic of Lithuania and representatives of the USSR Armed Forces stationed on the territory of Lithuania. Although the tense political situation in Lithuania resulting from the known actions of military forces calls for the establishment of such contacts as soon as possible, even though the Soviet representatives delegated to Lithuania have made declarations about their efforts to act as mediators in this area, contacts have proven ~ through fault of the military-difficult to establish, negotiations are not being held, new buildings are being seized, Soviet soldiers are still rampaging in the towns and on the roads of Lithuania.

It was agreed on 24 January 1991 that a delegation headed by Zigmas Vaišvila, Deputy Prime Minister of Lithuania, would meet with General Major V. Uskhopchik, commander of the Vilnius garrison. However, General Major Uskhopchik, having kept the Deputy Prime Minister waiting for half an hour at the garrison control post, refused to meet with him, passing him the message that he had nothing to discuss with the representatives of Lithuania.

I emphatically request you, Greatly Esteemed President, and you, Greatly Esteemed Prime Minister, to take all necessary and effective measures to put an end to the arbitrary actions of members of the Armed Forces of the USSR in the Republic of Lithuania, return the public buildings and other objects seized by unlawful force, withdraw from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania the additional army troops.

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania reiterates its readiness to negotiate all issues with the USSR; however, it cannot tolerate the violence and arbitrary actions of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

Gediminas Vagnorius

Prime Minister

Republic of Lithuania

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