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Lesson Title

Exploring the New World


Ann H. Watson

Grade Level


Duration of Lesson

60 minutes

Lesson Topic

Explorers of the New World

SC Standards and Indicators

4-1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of political, economic, and geographic reasons for the explorations of the New World.

4-1.4 Summarize the accomplishments of the Vikings and the Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French explorers, including Leif Eriksson, Columbus, Hernando de Soto, Magellan, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, and LaSalle.

Academic Vocabulary

Navigation, Exploration, Accomplishment

Lesson Materials

Textbook-Building a Nation, Scott Foresman; PowerPoint presentation—Age of Exploration; “Age of Exploration” sheets,” Famous Explorers Mini-Book” materials, “Timeline Ship and Oars” sheets, “Famous Explorers of the New World” quiz

Lesson Set

Content Objective(s)

This lesson is designed to provide activities to further reinforce prior lessons’ material on explorers, and to help students move explorer information from working memory to long-term memory.

Literacy Objective(s)

Students will:

Use print sources and non-print sources to access information;

Organize information by classifying or sequencing

Lesson Importance

Students will summarize importance of explorers’ accomplishments and the impact they had on the world.

Connections to prior and future learning

Students have previously read pages in the textbook about European explorers and their discoveries/accomplishments, as well as the political, economic, and technological motivations of each country.
Students will study explorers later in history that were fundamental in our nation’s growth.

Anticipatory Set/ Hook (Engage)

Teacher will ask students to brainstorm ideas about explorers, such as: What are they like? What do they do? Where do they go? Why?

Skill Development

Initial “explain” portion of the lesson. Introduce vocabulary, explain/demonstrate/model the skill required for the literacy objective, introduce content components.

The content portion is only a brief introduction; the bulk of the student learning will take place during the guided practice activity.

Introduce content components

TW explain that explorers had many different reasons for exploring and many of them became very famous because of their accomplishments in exploration. Today, we will look at a few explorers and what they discovered.

“I do”

Skill from literacy objective


Teacher will show PP presentation, “Age of Exploration” to students. As students are watching PP, teacher will periodically stop at slides to further discuss content and review corresponding material previously read in textbook. Smartboard PowerPoint Lesson-PPT Famous Explorers.ppt

Guided Practice

This is the inquiry portion of the lesson, student-centered & often cooperative learning strategies used, teacher acting as facilitator, also known as Explore.

“We do”

Activity Description

Include student “explore” components and opportunities for them to explain their learning.

Activity #1-Teacher will give students “Chart of Explorers.” Students will break up into small groups of 4-5 and fill in “Chart of Explorers” using PP. Students will share their answers given on chart with the rest of the class. Teacher will circulate around room spot checking students’ responses for accuracy.

Activity #2- Teacher will give each student materials needed to make a “Famous Explorers” Mini-Book and demonstrate how to construct it. Students will complete this activity for the remainder of the class working in pairs. The activity will give the students the opportunity to create a small book on explorers which includes the explorer’s name, dates of exploration, reasons for exploring, and their accomplishments. Students will use information packet, textbook, and/or PP presentation to assist them.

Checking for Understanding-“Informal” Assessment

Teacher will circulate among the students during the activity to monitor and ensure students’ understanding of directions and content.


Teacher will re-visit content and answer students’ questions developed during the Guided Practice component. Summarize the lesson, clarify content, and revisit content and literacy objectives.

Content Solidified

Teacher will reconvene class and have students share explorers from their booklets while summarizing important content from booklets on explorers’ accomplishments.

Independent Practice

“You Do”

Teacher will give students “Timeline Ship and Oars” activity and explain directions to students. Students will then complete activity at home and turn in tomorrow. Teacher will check papers for accuracy and return to students for review.

Summative/ “Formal” Assessment


Students will complete quiz entitled, “Famous Explorers of the New World.”


During Lesson

As needed


Advanced students will be challenged to pick their favorite explorer to independently research and create a poster to share.

Struggling students will be allowed to correct quiz after additional study.


All materials, including PowerPoint Presentation, are from Charleston County School District Fourth Grade Social Studies Resource Manual/CD created by Betsy Reidenbacher, 2007.

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