Lesson Three: Explorer Report Project Materials

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Lesson Three: Explorer Report Project
Materials: Computer Lab, Internet Site http://teachers.k12.sd.us/TL024

Note cards, writing materials, evaluation rubric, colored printer and paper

Time/ Place: Three to five class periods in the computer lab, and four to five class periods for note taking and writing time in the classroom (as needed). Individual computer time (as needed) will be conducted in the classroom with classroom stations.

  1. Students will be able to conduct individual Internet research on an explorer, take note, write a report, and transform information into a brochure.

  2. Students will be able to conduct effective searching on the web using pre-selected sites.

  3. Students will be able to locate, cut, and paste a photo and map of their brochure.

  4. Students will be able to effectively word process and work with text boxes.

  5. Students will be able to create hotlinks to document and give credit to their Internet sources.


There are many small individual steps involved in a weeklong study. The procedures listed here are the skeleton of the main steps involved in this project.

  1. Students choose an explorer to create a travel brochure on.

  2. Day One- Students go to the lab to gather research on their explorer by accessing the following pre-search sites from our web page:

Enchanted Learning- Explorers http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/

Biography of Explorers http://www.mariner.org/age/biohist.html

Explorers ofthe World


Explorers http://edtech.kennesaw.edu/web/explorer.html

Explorer-Kid Info http://www.kidinfo.com/explorers.html

and 504 web page http://teachers.k12.sd.us/tl024/SocSt/Social%20Studies.htm .Under Explorer there are about fifteen other sites for information, pictures, and maps.

  1. Students create bookmarks for their sites and hotlinks for each site. They will paste these links onto their work page. This is found under Computer Plus, http://teachers.k12.sd.us/tl024/Computer%20Plus/Compcon.htm

click the button Explorer Brochure Template, save word document as their own in the 504 student folder.

  1. Day Two-Four-Students use the next two days to take notes about their explorer from the Internet articles onto categorized index cards (note cards) after a lesson on note taking.

  2. Day Four-Five-Students will write from their mini-report and make revisions use their writing time during the next two days.

  3. Day Six-Eight- Students will use the next three days in the computer lab typing text into their brochure, locating a picture and map on the web, and hot linking their sources to their projects.

  4. Day Nine-Ten- Students will make finishing touches to their project, assemble brochure front and back to construction paper center, evaluate their work with the evaluation rubric,(Explorer Evaluation Form http://teachers.k12.sd.us/tl024/Computer%20Plus/Compcon.htm)

and share their explorer reports within small groups. Brochures will be on display for the next few weeks for classmates to read during student choice time.
Evaluation: Students evaluation will be based on teacher observation in the classroom, during note taking, writing and computer time. Students will self evaluate their project and teacher will also evaluate the project using the Explorer Evaluation Form http://teachers.k12.sd.us/tl024/Computer%20Plus/Compcon.htm.

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