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Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson:

Stage 1 The Desired Results


SS2H1 The student will read about and describe the lives of historical figures in Georgia history.

  1. Identify the contributions made by these historic figures: James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove (founding of Georgia); Sequoyah (development of a Cherokee alphabet); Jackie Robinson (sports); Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights); Jimmy Carter (leadership and human rights).

Specific Learning Objective(s)

The students will review the effect of Jackie Robinson on the game of Major League Baseball. They will view facts an opinions of Jackie Robinson.

Stage 2 Assessment Evidence

Assessment Instrument

(Ex. Test, Poster, Presentation, Picture, etc.)

I will asses by having them cut out a jersey. On one side they will write facts about Jackie Robinson and on the other side they will write opinions that they heard about him.

Evaluation (Grading) Instrument

(Ex. Point System, Rubric, Checklist, etc.)

I will be evaluating them by a checklist. They need to have “Dodgers” on the front of the jersey, his number 42 on the back, and the correct facts and opinions inside.

Stage 3 Learning Plans


Staplers, two jersey print outs per student, coloring utensils, scissors, a pencil, a soft baseball and the book, Play Ball, Jackie!.


Sequence of Teacher Actions
*Tie to Previous Learning
*Significant Actions to Introduce and Guide Lesson

I will grab everyone’s attention by reading them a new book called, Play Ball, Jackie!. During the story I will ask the students to listen for facts and opinions After the story I will have everyone go back to the desk. Before I tell them about the activity I will review a few examples of facts and opinions that were heard throughout the story. To incorporate baseball, when the students want to respond to my question I will toss them a soft baseball. Only students that have the baseball can talk. Next I will tell them about the activity. They will be making “Fact and Opinion” jerseys about Jackie Robinson. I will tell them that on the outside of the jersey they will be writing Dodgers because that was the team that Jackie Robinson played for. On the back they will write a 42 for that was his jersey number. Next I will tell them that I want coloring to come at the end of the activity. Then I will tell them that on the second sheet of paper (with a jersey on it)

They will be writing a few facts and a few opinions about Jackie Robinson. After they have completed the facts and opinions I will have them cut out the jerseys. Then I will have them staple the two pieces of paper in 4 locations on the papers, and that will be exampled in class. Then I will come around and cut the “jersey opening” on each paper so that there are no mistakes. When they have completed the activity they will have a full “fact and opinion” Jackie Robinson jersey.

Sequence of Student Actions
*Explain How Students Are Engaged During Lesson
* Explain How Students Discuss or Present Results of What They Did During the Lesson

The students will listen to the book, Play Ball, Jackie! Then they will participate in the discussion of a few fact and opinions. They will respond when they are holding the baseball, so that there is no shouting out. After the discussion of fact and opinion from the story the students will receive their materials. They will first write “Dodgers” on the front of one jersey page. Then they will write facts on one side of the line on the second jersey page and opinions on the other side of the line. After they have completed that, they will cut out both of the jerseys. As instructed they will then staple the two jerseys together will one staple on each sleeve, one staple on each side at the bottom. Then they will wait patiently for the teacher to come around and cut the “opening” of the jersey. Then they will turn it over and write a 42 on the back. They will then be able to color their jersey. After everyone has completed their jerseys volunteers will share some of their facts and opinions.

Teacher’s Lesson Closure/Wrap-Up/Transition

I will tie up the lesson by having everyone share one opinion or one fact that they wrote in their jersey. This will allow the students to hear different ideas that they may not have placed on their own jersey. This will then allow me to transition into Writer’s Workshop.

Adaptations for Exceptional Students (Anyone who requires modifications for their needs)

There will be some students who will need motivation to stay on task especially because this is an independent activity. I will be monitoring the class by walking around and giving my assistance to anyone that needs it. Also, for the class there are a few words that they will need help with and that are not in their Word wall, so those will be written up on the board.

Related Activities/Extensions

(What can students do who need more than is in the lesson? Should be related to lesson.)

If students are finished up they can pull out a sheet of paper and write how Jackie Robinson’s courage has effected them in a positive way.

Connections to Other Disciplines

This is connected to ELA because the students will be writing, listening to a story, and writing facts and opinions.


  • Read Play Ball, Jackie!

  • Toss Review

  • Create “Jackie Robinson Fact and Opinion Jersey”

  • Share and wrap up.

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