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Teacher Education Candidate Supervising Teacher UWG Supervisor

Lauren Duck Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Lambeth
School Springhill Elementary Date of Implemented Lesson Plan March 2, 2011
Block No. 2 Subject: History Grade Level: 2nd

Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson: Providing Feedback and Reinforcement

Stage 1 The Desired Results



  1. Identify the contributions made by these historic figures: James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove (founding of Georgia); Sequoyah (development of a Cherokee alphabet); Jackie Robinson (sports); Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights); Jimmy Carter (leadership and human rights).


h. Makes connections between texts and/or personal experiences.

Specific Learning Objective(s)

The students will know the contributions made by Jimmy Carter.

Stage 2 Assessment Evidence

Assessment Instrument

(Ex. Test, Poster, Presentation, Picture, etc.)

Oral and Picture

Evaluation (Grading) Instrument

(Ex. Point System, Rubric, Checklist, etc.)


Stage 3 Learning Plans


Watercolor Paint and brushes

The book Jimmy Carter by Anne Morgan

The book The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer by Jimmy Carter


Sequence of Teacher Actions
*Tie to Previous Learning
*Significant Actions to Introduce and Guide Lesson

*I will gain the students attention by telling them we are going to learn about former President Jimmy Carter; then we are going to paint a picture.
*I will ask the students if they have every seen someone that was treated unfairly. I will then tell them that former President Carter has spent his life fighting for human rights.
*I will begin the lesson by asking the students if they have ever heard of Jimmy Carter. Then I will inform that he was known for contributing towards human rights. Next we will read through a class set of the book Jimmy Carter and talk about some of the contributions he made. Then I will read a short story written by Jimmy Carter and guide a discussion on how the students could help others. Finally, I will have the students paint a picture of a way they could help others the way Carter did.

Sequence of Student Actions
*Explain How Students Are Engaged During Lesson
* Explain How Students Discuss or Present Results of What They Did During the Lesson

*The students will be engaged from the beginning of the lesson by actively listening and discussing about Jimmy Carter. They will listen to the story over Carter’s life and contributions and listen to the story that he wrote. They will then discuss how Carter helped others and made a difference. Finally, the students will paint a picture of a way they could help others the way Carter helped others. Through learning about his contributions and by painting a picture, the students will know his significance.

Teacher’s Lesson Closure/Wrap-Up/Transition

I will close the lesson by having the students tell me what they learned about Jimmy Carter.

Adaptations for Exceptional Students (Anyone who requires modifications for their needs)

The students that need extra help will be able to read through the book again and have my help in highlighting the importance of Carter’s contributions. The students that are advanced can write a paragraph over what they feel is important about Carter.

Related Activities/Extensions

(What can students do who need more than is in the lesson? Should be related to lesson.)

Extra reading materials over Jimmy Carter will be available.

Connections to Other Disciplines

Reading and Language Arts

Lesson Agenda

  1. Discussion over Jimmy Carter

  2. Autobiography

  3. The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer

  4. Discuss relation to Jimmy Carter

  5. Painting

Essential Question: Who is Jimmy Carter and what contributions did he make?


March 2, 2011, I taught Ms. Thompson’s 2nd grade class about Jimmy Carter. The lesson went well. I have done a lot of reflecting on this lesson, and given the opportunity, I would like to change some things.

I began the lesson by questioning the kids to see what they already knew about Jimmy Carter. I was impressed that some knew he was a former president and peanut farmer. However, that was the basis of their knowledge. Next, I covered the standards and what I expected of them. Then I instructed the students to join me at the carpet while I read to them about Carter. I read a school issued book about his life. It was very informative and highlighted the most important aspects of his life. Following that book, we read a children’s book that he wrote himself. I told the students that since Carter was known for his work towards human rights, this book was a good way for them to see how they could be human rights activists. The kids loved them book. Following both books we discussed Carter and what he did to help others. To help them remember, I had them paint a picture of them doing something to help others. Finally to close the lesson, I had the students tell me some of the things they learned about Carter.

If I could teacher this lesson again, I would do change some things. First I would try to find some piece of technology, such as a video or website, to get the students more involved. I found that two books, even though they were short, were too much. They really enjoyed the book he wrote, but while reading the book about him, I noticed they were some what bored. Therefore, next time I teach this lesson over Carter, I will use a video or website to teach about his life. The rest of the lesson went well. They really enjoyed painting, and I think relating things Jimmy Carter did to things they can do to help people really will help them retain what they learned.

All in all, this lesson was very informative and fun. The kids learned a good deal about Jimmy Carter! I look forward to teaching this again, and adding the changes to make it even better!

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