Lesson plan class: Year 7

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Claire Miller


Class: Year 7


3-4 lessons

1 hour each

Range of Ability


Study Unit/Scheme of Work

Medieval Wars

Key question[s]

The Battle of Hastings

Prior learning

Students have looked at who should be King of England and was there an oath signed between Harold Godwin and William of Normandy.

Learning Objectives (What am I going to learn?)

-To decide why William was able to win.

-To know what happened at the Battles of Hastings

-To decide who had the best army.

Key concepts

Cause and Consequence

Skills Focus

Communicating about the past

Learning Outcomes (How will I know if I have been successful?)

-All of you will know what happened at the Battle of Hastings.

-Most of you will be able to decide why William won the Battle and which country had the best army.

Cross-Curricular Links

Students will be making links to art through making the shields.


-Army sheet

-Horrible History Hastings WMV

-Shield outline

-Shield descriptors.

-Question sheet for WMV


-Throughout the lesson Q and A will be used to check learning, referring back to the lesson objectives after each episode has been delivered.

Lesson Outline




Discussion on what they look for in a good army- linked to work done on how a good football team was like the Roman Army.
Students to list ideas with partners in books.

Episode 1:

Students to look at army sheet and decide for each criteria which army was the best- Harald Hardrada’s, William of Normandy’s or Harold Godwin’s.
In their books students must explain why they made that decision for each criteria.

Episode 2:

Who had the best army overall? Students to answer this question in their books using evidence from the sheet to support their answer.

Episode 3:


Students to write a speech as if they are the leader of one of the armies- explain why they have the best army using persuasive language.

Episode 4:

Listening to the Horrible Histories WMV students to listen to what happened at the Battle of Hastings.
Students can answer questions on a sheet as they listen to it.

Episode 5:

Why did William win the Battle of Hastings- students to make notes under 3 headings.

(Williams good luck, Harold’s bad decisions, Williams Good Leadership)

Students then to answer the question in their books ‘Why did William win the Battle of Hastings’

Episode 6:

Students to re-enact the Battle of Hastings- so need to create their own shields before doing this.
Students to use shield outline sheets and shield descriptors to plan their shield. (need to include surname, two images from sheet and one image that is important to them)
Once they have planned them they can then make them on cardboard and colour them using paints.

Episode 7:

Students to go out on the field and re-enact the battle of Hastings.
Teacher can read out story whilst students act it out using their shields.

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