Lesson plan – Being Yourself

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LESSON PLAN – Being Yourself

Theme – Developing Myself
CAREER SKILLS – Self Development
KEY SKILLSCommunication, Working With Others, Improving Own Learning and Performance
COMPETENCIES – *ai, *aiii, *bi, *ci, *cii, *di, **eii, **eiii, **eiv, **evi, ***fiv, ***kiv, ***kvi, ****li, ****mi
SUGGESTED SUBJECT AREA – English, Personal Development

Learning Outcomes

By completing this task students will be able to:

  • List their likes and dislikes.

  • Increase their awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identify skills/personal qualities to develop.

Preparation and Materials

  • Copies of Activity Sheet “Being Yourself” (1) and (2) for each student (photocopied back to back).

  • Blackboard/flipchart.


  1. Put the students into secure small groups where they will be happy to reveal their personal details.

  2. Explain the aim of the exercise using the learning outcomes on Activity Sheet (1).

  3. Give out the Activity Sheet (1) and (2) and go through the sections with the students, asking for examples for each question.

  4. Ask students to complete Sections A and B of the questionnaire on their own.

  5. Ask students in their groups to shuffle the filled-in Activity Sheets and appoint a group leader to read out Section B “the circled qualities on each one in turn.

  6. The rest of the group has to try to guess the identity of the person who wrote it. Ask the group to suggest additions.

  7. Remind the students that they can “pass” on having theirs read out if they wish. If all the students “pass” then suggest sharing with a partner as an alternative.

  8. Ask the groups to choose an example to feed back to the whole class (this being agreed with a chosen student).

  9. Explain how this exercise could be a starting point for a reference/testimonial for the student and the importance of these.

  10. Ask the students to complete Section C and D of the Activity Sheet and ask for some examples to put on the blackboard/flipchart.

  11. Ask the students what they have learned from the lesson.

  12. Summarise the main learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes: By completing this task you will be able to:

  • List your likes and dislikes.

  • Get to know more about your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Identify skills and personal qualities you want to develop.

ACTIVITY SHEET (1) – Being Yourself

Section A


The subjects I like best are


The subjects I like least are


My interests/hobbies are

I am good at

I am not so good at


I am happy when


At home I enjoy


I worry about


At weekends I usually

Complete this sentence to describe yourself

I am

ACTIVITY SHEET (2) – Being Yourself

Section B

Circle all the qualities that best describe you.

HEALTHY Energetic Thoughtful helpful honest
Generous caring punctual Tidy

Intelligent careful hardworking lively determined

Even-tempered Quiet Witty Observant

Patient Cheerful Practical Friendly
Talkative Popular Reliable Happy

Section C

By the end of the year I would like to (e.g. improve my spelling).

I could dot his by (e.g. going to spelling workshops on a Tuesday lunchtime).

Section D

Five positive statements about my best friend






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