Les Miserables Review Questions

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Les Miserables

Review Questions

  1. Roughly when is the novel set?

    1. Early 1800’s, most of the action is in the 1820s and 30s

  2. What is the title of the first section of the book?

    1. Fantine

  3. What was the bishop’s name?

    1. M. Charles-Francois-Bienvenu Myriel

  4. Where did the bishop serve?

    1. Digne

  5. Using examples from the novel, explain the meaning of the narrator’s statement, “ignominy thirsts for respect.”

  6. What is the name of the translator of your book?

    1. Most likely Wilbur or Rose

  7. What was Bishop Myriel’s philosophy regarding his finances?

    1. All to the poor that was possible

  8. What was unique about the bishop’s door?

    1. Never locked

  9. Describe Jean Valjean’s life before he went to prison?

    1. Varied answers

  10. Why was Jean Valjean sent to prison?

    1. Theft

  11. What fact caused the court to be prejudiced against Jean Valjean?

    1. He was a bit of poacher, which society hates, and he had two guns with him.

  12. Where did Jean Valjean serve his time in prison?

    1. Toulon

  13. What was the only thing Jean Valjean would say about himself when he arrived in prison?

    1. I was a tree pruner at Faverolles

  14. What did Jean Valjean steal from the Bishop?

    1. Silver

  15. Explain the impact of the bishop’s actions on Jean Valjean’s life.

    1. Varied answers

  16. What is it, according to the narrator, that keeps Jean Valjean, and all of us, good?

    1. Varied

  17. What is Hugo’s opinion of convents?

    1. They isolate

  18. Why does Fauchevelent agree to let Jean Valjean stay with him?

    1. JVJ had saved his life

  19. Who is Petit Gervais?

    1. The boy Jean Valjean stole from

  20. What is the significance of the theft from Petit-Gervais?

    1. Demonstrates JVJ’s struggle and that he may still falter despite the grace shown him

  21. Where does Jean Valjean first encounter Javert?

    1. In prison

  22. How does Jean Valjean acquire his wealth?

    1. A new way of making beads

  23. Why does Fantine find herself in such desperate straits?

    1. She is an innocentHer boyfriend leaves her alone and pregnant, she loses her job and is forced into prostitution for money, eventually selling her hair and teeth.

  24. Why does Jean Valjean take responsibility for Fantine?

    1. She was fired from his factory

  25. How does Fantine die?

    1. She is struck by Javert when he attempts to arrest Jean Valjean

  26. What act makes people suspect that Jean Valjean is someone other than the gentle mayor?

    1. He lifts a cart off of a man’s chest

  27. What moral dilemma ultimately ends in Jean Valjean returning to prison?

    1. The Chapmathieu affair

  28. How does Jean Valjean escape from prison again?

    1. He fakes his death after saving a man’s life

  29. How did Thenardier save Marius’ father’s life?

    1. Attempting to rob his corpse, didn’t realize he was still alive

  30. What battle did this event occur during?

    1. Waterloo

  31. When did Cosette first meet Jean Valjean?

    1. When he helped her gather water

  32. What was Jean Valjean’s first gift to Cosette?

    1. A fancy doll

  33. Why do the Thenardier’s allow Cosette to be taken?

    1. Money

  34. Where was Cosetter educated?

    1. A convent

  35. Why did Jean Valjean choose to leave the convent?

    1. He felt he was unjustly sheltering the girl

  36. What was the name of the revolutionary group that Marius friends were a part of?

    1. Friends of the ABC

  37. What are some of the dangers of daydreaming according to Hugo?

    1. Lead to listlessness, lack of direction

  38. Why did Marius leave his grandfather?

    1. Because of his father

  39. How did Marius attempt to save Jean Valjean and Cosette without their knowledge?

    1. By alerting the police that they were to be attacked?

  40. Who does Marius discover can be more cruel than the vicious rich?

    1. The vicious poor

  41. Why does Eponine help Marius fine Cosette?

    1. She love him

  42. Why does Jean Valjean wish to go to London?

    1. For safety

  43. How do Cosette and Marius first meet?

    1. On the street, a glance

  44. What is Hugo’s opinion of love at first sight?

    1. It is true love

  45. What inspires Marius to return to his grandfather?

    1. To ask his permission to marry

  46. Why does Marius leave his grandfather?

    1. He says Marius should make Cosette his mistress

  47. Who is Petit Gavaroche?

    1. Son of Thenardier

  48. Why does Hugo value slang?

    1. It is the language of the people

  49. How does Eponine die?

    1. Takes a bullet for Marius

  50. How does Jean Valjean save Marius?

    1. By taking him through the sewers to safety

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