Legend of King Arthur and Camelot The History Camelot

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Legend of King Arthur and Camelot

The History Camelot
The legend of King Arthur is over 1000 years old. While there are many variations of the tale, the basic story is the same.

Uther Pendragon, the King of Britain, was in love with a woman named Ygraine. With the help of Merlin, the king’s advisor, they had a son who was named Arthur.

Ygraine's daughter, Morgan LeFay, hated King Uther. She also hated the child Arthur that her mother had with the King, and she cursed him with her magical powers.

When Arthur was 16 years old, the King mysteriously died. Merlin suspected that Ygraine's daughter, the angry Morgan LeFay, might be responsible. Ygraine ruled as queen, but she was a weak leader. Different lords tried to step in as king, causing unrest within the kingdom.

Merlin brought together the knights and lords of England. Merlin showed them a strange sight: a sword in a stone, with a message that read: "whoever can pull this sword from this stone will be King of Britain." All of the knights and lords tried, but not one could pull the sword from the stone.

Soon after, Arthur was at a tournament with his brother, Kay. Arthur had forgotten Kay's sword, and ran to find it. He saw the sword in the stone, and thinking he would borrow it to give to Kay for the tournament, pulled it out.

When the knights and nobles discovered what had happened, they were stunned with disbelief. This young boy had pulled the sword from the stone? Arthur put the sword back, and one at a time everyone else tried to remove it, every time unsuccessfully. And every time Arthur tried, he pulled it out again with no effort. The knights and lords of the realm saw that their new king had come at last.

Arthur ruled as a strong and righteous king. His court flourished, and knights and maidens came to the frequent feasts and tournaments. After defeating a rebellion within the kingdom, Arthur took a wife. He married the daughter of King Leodegrance of Cameliard, a woman named Guinevere.

But Arthur's half-sister Morgan le Fay still sought vengeance. She decided to use Arthur’s son, Mordred, to get even with him. Merlin prophesied that the child Mordred would someday destroy his kingdom.

Camelot and The Knights of the Roundtable
rthur returned to his kingdom to build what would be the greatest court ever seen - Camelot.

Camelot took five years to build, and when it was finished Arthur wed Guinevere. Guinevere brought to Camelot a gift from her father: a great oak round table which had once belonged to Uther Pendragon. Now Uther's son, King Arthur, would have it once again.

Arthur and Guinevere were married in a majestic ceremony attended by great men and women from lands near and far. Arthur announced the Fellowship of the Round Table, which would give places to the greatest knights in the world.

The wedding festivals and tournament lasted for a week, and the knights who proved themselves in competition earned places at the Round Table, including Lancelot du Lac, who distinguished himself as the knight who defeated all challengers.

The victories and adventures of King Arthur extended throughout Europe. His greatest adventure was the quest for the Holy Grail, which was said to be the cup from which Jesus drank during the Last Supper.

While Arthur was off on one of his adventures, his nephew Mordred started a rebellion in Camelot and seized the kingdom. Arthur was called home to defend his throne, and in a final battle, Arthur and Mordred were both killed, each by the other's sword.

As Arthur lay dying by the side of a lake, he sent a knight to the waters with Excalibur to fulfill his agreement with the Lady of the Lake. The knight threw Excalibur into the water, where it was caught by her hand.

Arthur was then taken away on a ship to Avalon, from which he will someday return.

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