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Learning Target Unit Sheet Course__US/AP US History____

Unit/Section: Unit Ten—The Great Depression & the New Deal

Day #

Common Core/Quality Core Standard (s)

Learning Targets (I Can’s)

A.1.a. I can apply the following terms appropriately and accurately:

D.1.e. I can identify and explain the economic factors that contributed to the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.

  • I can identify and explain how speculation, buying on margin, and overproduction contributed to the stock market crash and the Great Depression.

D.1.f. I can explain the economic, environmental, and social impact of the Great Depression on American society.

  • I can describe the widespread unemployment, homelessness, broken homes, etc. created by the Great Depression.

  • I can explain how programs of the New Deal had both positive and negative impacts on the environment.

D.1.g. I can evaluate the impact of the New Deal on various elements of American society (e.g., social, political, environmental, economic).

  • I can evaluate the effects of the New Deal on unemployment and other aspects of the Great Depression.

SS-HS-5.2.5. I can evaluate how the Great Depression and the New Deal policies transformed America socially and politically at home (e.g., stock market crash, relief, recovery, reform initiatives, increased role of government in business).

  • I can identify and evaluate FDR’s Relief, Recovery, and Reform policies and programs.

  • I can evaluate the increased role of the government established during the New Deal.

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