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Lesson Title Camp David Accords

Grade Level 11

Estimated Time Required

Number of Days: 1

Number of Half-Hour Segments per Day: 3

Author Information

Name: Elizabeth Otey

School: North Pitt High School

Brief Description of the Lesson
Students will examine the Camp David Accords and determine what each side gained and lost and record their answers in a four column chart. At the end students will write an editorial in response to the following question “Which country, Egypt or Israel, do you think gained more from signing the Camp David Accords?”

Lesson Plan Objectives

Content Objectives:

1. Analyze the provisions of the Camp David Accords

2. Evaluate the gains and loses for all parties.

Skill Objectives:

1. Interpret Primary Source documents

2. Practice creating written presentations of social studies information

North Carolina Social Studies Curriculum Alignment

Competency Goal 12

The United States since the Vietnam War (1973-present) - The learner will identify and analyze trends in domestic and foreign affairs of the United States during this time period.



12.01 Summarize significant events in foreign policy since the Vietnam War.

Print and Non-print Materials

Print Materials (textbook segments or readings)

Textbook segments on Camp David Accords, copy of Camp David Accords


Non-print Materials (videos, images, etc.)

Supplies (paper, notecards, scissors, etc.)

Technology Needs

(Include computer hardware and software, audio-visual components, and internet sites needed to teach the lesson.)

Pre-Lesson Expectations
This lesson should be used when covering the 1970s and Carter’s presidency. Students should know basic background information on Israel and their conflict with Arab nations.

  • Hand out a transcript of the Camp David Accords

  • Have students divide their papers into four columns. Have them label the columns as follows: Egyptian gains. Egyptian losses, Israeli gains, Israeli losses.

  • Have students work in groups and read; as they are reading have them underline gains and losses of each country and assign them to one of the four columns.

  • When they have finished review the chart as a class and discuss.

  • When the class has finished its discussion the students should respond to the following question in an editorial

    • “Which country, Egypt or Israel, do you think gained more from signing the Camp David Accords? Support your answer.”

Writing Assignment Rubric

Name: ______________________________

Date: _______________
Class: ________________________________________












Attitude is defined; thesis is clearly focused; subject is significant

Thesis is clear; provides direction for essay

Unclear; formulaic; not creative

Introduction is incomplete, ineffective, or missing

Idea Development

Interesting; sophisticated; insightful

Clear and thoughtful

Simplistic; uneven in quality; lacking in relevance

Absent or ineffective

Support or Evidence

Detailed; accurate; convincing

Sufficient and accurate


Vague, missing, or inaccurate

Word Choice

Engaging and powerful choice of words

Appropriate to task


Limited, monotonous, inappropriate


Extends; connects; comments on topics

Purposeful and perceptive

Summarizes previously stated information

Absent, incomplete, or unfocused

Supplemental Information for Teachers

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