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Southern Methodist University

Certificate in Leadership

Today’s successful leaders are broad thinkers with a global perspective that extends far beyond their own self-interest. In 10 challenging sessions, this dynamic course for mid-level and experienced leaders will transform your leadership vision and approach from the inside out. You’ll master the nuances and challenges of assembling and managing external teams. You’ll develop your own personal style of authentic leadership that enables you to coach others, nurture talent and lead change across organizations and multigenerational teams. You’ll learn how to maximize your company’s most valuable, volatile asset—human capital—and strengthen your skills in strategic thinking that looks beyond the crisis of the hour. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: February 25 - April 29, 2014 

Program Location: Dallas, TX

Cost: $3,695

Contact Number: 214-768-3335

Global Enterprise Leadership in the Energy Industry

Designed for current and emerging leaders whose decisions and authority shape their enterprises, this dynamic new program will help you shape a global vision and the skills to achieve it. Sessions will feature breakthrough insights on key issues from world recognized thought leaders and expert faculty from SMU Cox and other top-ranked business schools. Research-based content will expose you to the latest approaches in strategy development, financial management, leadership and communication. In three days, you'll develop a richer understanding of the world and your industry, enhanced skills for higher levels of responsibility and an expanded network of senior-level peers. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: TBD (Spring 2014)

Program Location: Dallas, TX

Cost: $4,350

Contact Number: 214-768-3335

Strategic Leadership Skills in the Oil and Gas Industry

Research has shown that effective leaders have developed a pattern of success based on critical competencies that have been honed throughout their careers. In this program, you’ll be exposed to highly creative faculty who will give you the tools to think and work differently as you move through the leadership roles and challenges of the oil and gas industry for the next decade. For more information, click here.

Program Dates: April 13-17, 2014

Program Location: Dallas, TX

Cost: $6,750

Contact Number: 214-768-3335
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Stanford University

Stanford Executive Program

This program equips senior executives with the knowledge, relationships, and tools necessary to drive results at the highest levels of global management. Participants in the program embark on a comprehensive academic journey that prepares them to successfully navigate the diverse challenges facing top executives in today's dynamic global marketplace. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: June 22 - August 4, 2014

Application Deadline: April 30, 2014

Location: Stanford University

Cost: $61,500

Individual Leadership Skills Development (Optional): $5,800 USD

Contact Number: 650.723.3341

Executive Leadership Development: Analysis to Action

The program strengthens participants' analytical tools, management acumen, and interpersonal skills, thereby preparing managers to build effective teams, resolve strategic problems, drive change through the organization, and ultimately get to the next level. It also helps refine your personal leadership skills to solve problems independently and to lead with confidence, sharpen your analytical skills, build awareness of how you are perceived as a leader, and achieve your leadership objectives. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: January 12 – 24 and April 13 – 18, 2014 (this is a two-module program)

Location: Stanford University

Cost: $31,000

Additional Leadership Coaching (Optional): $3,000

Contact Number: 650.723.3341

Executive Program for Women Leaders

In facing the challenges of managing their careers to maximize professional and personal goals, women often struggle with how to develop their own leadership styles and effectively enhance their power and status within an organization. To reach the highest levels of management, it is essential for women to recognize, understand, and transform common business challenges into career-building opportunities. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: May 4- 9, 2014

Application Deadline: April 4, 2014

Location: Stanford University

Cost: $11,000

Contact Number: 650.723.3341

Executive Program in Strategy and Organization

This program enables executives to apply the results of pioneering multidisciplinary research in strategic management and organizational theory to their specific business situations. Participants explore how their own organization's competencies and shortcomings translate into strategic challenges and opportunities and come away with the skills necessary to build appropriate action plans. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: July 13 - 25, 2013

Application Deadline: June 2, 2013
Stanford University

Cost: $22,500

Contact Number: 650.723.3341

Leading Change and Organizational Renewal

To maintain its competitive edge, your organization must be able to anticipate foreseeable changes and effectively react to those thrust upon it by market forces. Leveraging the latest research in organizational behavior and performance, this program gives you real-world examples of how to overcome barriers to strategic change and teaches you how to promote innovation and change throughout your organization without sacrificing short-term goals. Leading Change and Organizational Renewal emphasizes learning in action and provides tools, time, and structure for participants to apply the learning to their own business situations. Directed by senior faculty from both the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School, this program represents a unique collaboration between leading researchers and practitioners in the area of organizational change and renewal. Structured workgroups provide high-level participant interaction outside the classroom, with participants giving group presentations at the end of the program. For more information, click here.
Program Dates: March 16-21, 2014; June 1-6, 2014

Application Deadline: October 7, 2013

Location: Harvard Business School

Cost: $14,000

Contact Number: 650.723.3341
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