Leadership Development Programs and ecq-based Readings

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ECQ 4: Business Acumen

This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.

American University

Key Senior Program Manager Certificate

The curriculum of the Key Executive Leadership Certificate is based on the Executive Core Qualifications developed by the Office of Personnel Management. Key certificate students learn the skills and advance their knowledge in the five areas identified by OPM as critical to success in the Senior Executive Service. With the certificate program, Key students are well on the road to leadership and advancement in the federal government. For more information, click here.

Dates: Twice a month, usually on Fridays and Saturdays

Location: American University (Washington, DC)

Cost: $18,200
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Brookings Institution

Maximizing Human Capital

The federal government of the 21st century will face changes of unprecedented scale and scope; its ability to respond effectively will depend in large part on the quality and performance of the federal workforce. Government agencies and leaders must adopt a strategic approach to human capital management and prepare to plan for, recruit, and retain a diverse, high-quality workforce – one with the skills and attributes necessary to achieve the results the American public expects. For more information, click here.
Date: TBA

Location: Brookings Institute (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895

Contact: 202.797.2484
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Politics and Policymaking

Seldom has it been more necessary for career civil servants to fully appreciate the many implications the political environment has on their ability to meet ever increasing public demands. This program on the policymaking process is designed to give government executives and managers an in-depth knowledge of the procedures, practices and personalities engaged in governmental decision-making at its highest levels. For more information, click here.
Dates: November 6-7, 2013

Location: Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895

Contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

Digital Government

In the past, technology experts solely dealt with technology issues; agency heads rarely had to think beyond approving the information systems budget or explaining cost overruns and delays on major computer upgrades. In an era of rapid technological change and expanding capabilities, today’s government executives must be able to maintain a long-range view of how services and programs can be enhanced through technology. They must be able to take advantage of cost-effective technological advances to maximize the achievement of organizational objectives. For more information, click here.

Date: TBA

Location: Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

Cost: $1,895

Contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

What do program managers need to know about federal financial management? What are the linkages between finance and program management? This three-day course on financial management will help you learn how to be a prudent financial steward and how to better perform aspects of your position that involve working with budgets. For more information, click here.

Dates: November 5-7, 2013

Location: Brookings Institution (Washington DC)

Cost: $2,695

Contact: (800) 925-5730
Table of Contents

Colorado State University

Short Courses in Financial Management

  • Fundamentals of Financial Management for Professionals:  This workshop explains the time value of money applications and financial statement analysis for professionals.  (One 4 hour session)

  • Capital Budgeting Techniques:  An examination of project analysis for decision making that includes net present value, internal rate of return, and modified internal rate of return.  (One 4 hour session for individuals who have taken Fundamentals of Financial Management)

  • Real Options:  A class designed for individuals with a background in capital budgeting that covers real option terminology, valuation techniques, and application to decision making.  (One 4 hour session)

  • Securities Valuation:  An exploration of the basics of stock and bond evaluation for individuals who have had a class in the fundamentals of financial management.  (One 4 hour session)

  • Portfolio Management:  The workshop focuses upon the principles of diversification and asset allocation.  (One 4 hour session for individuals who have taken a class in securities valuation)

  • Options and Futures:  A class on the operation of the options and future markets, the valuation of derivative securities, and hedging applications for business and securities investors.  (One 4 hour session for individuals who have had a class or background in securities valuation)

For more information on these courses please contact: (970) 491-6265 or jim.francis@business.colostate.edu. click here.

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Dartmouth College

The Strategic Financial Leadership (SFLP) Program

In five immersive days, the Strategic Financial Leadership Program (SFLP) takes you beyond the numbers. You will leave Tuck with the framework and tools to link strategy, leadership, and financial decision making to long-term value creation for your organization. Not only will you be able to ensure that finance flows from, informs, and fits strategy, but you will be a trusted strategic partner who can help formulate and lead strategies. click here.

Participant Profile: senior financial executives and their high potential financial staff

Dates: April 27- May 2, 2014

Location: Tuck School of Business on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire

Cost: $11,000 (includes tuition, all program materials, leadership assessments, most meals and accommodations on the Dartmouth College campus).

Contact: Valerie Davio (603) 646-2839
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