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Leader Analysis Sheet

Name of Leader:

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini






Years in Power

Political, Social, & Economic Conditions Prior to Leaders Gaining Power

In the 1950s the Shah ruled

Early 1950’s he fled after a nationalist Mohammed Mosaddeq rose to power

Shah was restored by a CIA engineered coup in 1953

The Shah was dictatorial and repressive

His repressive rule offended the emerging middle class

Neglected Islamic worship and religious institutions enraged the local prayer leaders Mullah and the religious experts the ayatollahs

Much favoritism with foreign investors big Iranian entrepreneur lead to anger

Ideology, Motivation, Goals:

Called for a return to the golden age

Believed in Islamic law rather than real law and government

Worked to oust Western backed governments

Promised to rescue the Islamic fate from the imperialist westerners

Promised their followers magical protection and instant paradise should they die while waging a holy war

Aimed at defending and restoring true beliefs traditions, and institutions of Islamic civilization

Significant Actions & events During Term of Power

Launched a revolution in 1979

Aimed many to topple western backed governments

Revolutionary movement brutally repressed the Constitutional and leftist parties

Followed through on his promise of radical change

Moderate leaders were replaced with more radical religious figures

Short-Term effects:

No middle class emerged during this revolution

Moved moderate from power

Distanced itself from both the west and the communist soviet east

Was no emergence of a western educated middle class to help lead the way

Drew up many land reform, religious education, and economic development

Long-Term Effects

Brought in radical religious figures who would obey Khomeini without question

Laws and government was supplanted by Islamic legal codes

Educated middle class women lost their rights were dramatically reduced in standing

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