Lake Mohegan Fire District Candy Cane Run

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Lake Mohegan Fire District

Candy Cane Run

Saturday December 13, 2014

Town Of Yorktown Truck# 1

9:00 Curry St into Gay Ridge Rd (new development)

9:15 Curry St and Campbell Rd

9:15 Curry St and Juniper Dr

9:20 Curry St and Timberlane Ct

9:25 Curry St and Jefferson Ct

9:30 Weskora Rd and Somerston Rd

9:35 Somerston Rd and Flanders Dr

9:40 Flanders Dr

9:55 Tulip Dr and Katrina Dr

10:00 Katrina Dr and Andrea Rd

10:05 Andrea Rd to Deerhaunt St

10:10 Fox Croft La to Lorelei Dr

10:20 Fairview Ave to Munson Pl and Lewis Ave

10:40 Wildwood St and Wildwood Ct (around loop)

10:45 Delano Rd and Suncrest Ave

10:50 Suncrest Ave to Wren Pl

10:55 Suncrest Ave to Wildwood St

11:00 Wildwood St and Swed Circle

11:10 Wildwood St and Edge Hill Rd

11:15 Rt 132 to Parkway Dr

11:25 Parkway Dr and Overlook Ave

11:45 Return to Firehouse


1:15 Eleanor Dr and Cross Rd

1:20 Cross Rd and Hudsonview St

1:25 Cross Rd and Briar Hill St

1:30 Briar Hill St and Dover St

1:35 Dover St and Chesterfield Ct

1:40 Blackberry Estates to Cranberry Ln

1:50 Mill St and Aspen Rd

2:00 Aspen Rd and Mountain Brook Rd

2:10 Sunnyside St to Dempster Rd

2:35 Coach and Four Apts (E. Main St)

2:50 High Meadow Complex and Hill Blvd

3:00 Jefferson Valley Firehouse (Hill Blvd and Lee Blvd)

3:25 Lakeside Colony Condos Clubhouse

3:40 Lakeside Colony into Old Yorktown Village
Lake Mohegan Fire District

Candy Cane Run

Saturday December 13, 2014

Town Of Yorktown Truck# 2

9:00 New Chalet Condos Clubhouse

9:15 Decatur Rd to Cabot La

9:20 Horton Rd and Lincoln Dr

9:25 Lincoln Dr and Parmly Rd

9:40 Mohegan Ave and Christine Rd

9:50 Christine Rd and Lookout St

10:00 Lookout St and Nabby Hill

10:05 Nabby Hill and Tamarac St

10:10 Mohegan Ave and Lakeshore Dr

10:15 Mohegan Ave and Sagamore Ave

10:20 Delaware Rd and Cooper St

10:30 Ivy Rd and Arch Dr (around loop)

10:35 Stoney St to Audra Ct (to turnaround)

10:40 Stoney St and Sunnyridge Rd

10:50 Sunnyridge Estates

11:00 Judy Rd and Shelly St

11:10 Shelly St and Spruce St (to turnaround)

11:20 Shelly St and Amelia Dr

11:30 Winding Ct and Deer Hollow Estates

11:40 Mill Pond Rd and Bound Brook La

11:50 Morris La and Fox Hall St

11:55 Fox Hall St and Jackson Rd


1:15 Canterbury Crossing

1:25 Hunter Brook Condos Tennis Courts

1:35 London Woods Development

1:45 Oakside Rd and Strang Blvd

1:55 Jefferson Woods Condos

2:05 Strang Blvd and Glenwood Rd

2:10 Glenwood Rd and N. Deerfield Ave

2:15 N. Deerfield Ave and Challinor Dr

2:20 Rachel Dr and Ronit Ct

2:25 Ronit Ct to Turnaround

2:30 Challinor Dr and Barkley La

2:40 Oakside Rd to Peter La (to turnaround)

2:55 Union St and Buckhorn St

3:10 James St and Glen Rd

3:15 Glen Rd and Frost Rd

3:20 Glen Rd to Stoney St

3:30 Stonegate Apts

Lake Mohegan Fire District

Candy Cane Run

Sunday December 14, 2014

Town Of Cortlandt Truck# 1

9:00 Townsend Rd to Briar La (into dead end)

9:10 Lincoln Ave and Newman Ct

9:20 Crompond Post Office

9:30 Forest Ave to Emery Hill Gardens

9:50 Shipley Dr

10:00 Douglas Mowbray Dr

10:05 John Dorsey Dr

10:15 Tamarack Dr

10:25 Buttonwood Ave

10:35 Conklin Ave and Adrian Ct

10:40 Ogden Ave and Taylor Ave

10:50 Parkway Dr

10:05 Highland Dr and Crescent Dr

10:25 Dirubbo Dr

10:40 Jerome Dr and Rita Dr

11:00 Baker St to Cardoza Ave

11:15 Return to Firehouse


1:00 Quarry Acres Clubhouse

1:30 Peachwood Estates

1:45 Lynwood Gardens

1:55 Apple Hill Estates

2:00 Cortlandt Ridge

2:15 Furnace Woods Firehouse (Croton Ave)

2:30 Meadowsweet Rd (all streets)

2:45 Croton Ave and Natalie Ct

2:55 Maple Ave and Kent Dr

3:00 Cross Rd and Rosylyn Ct

3:05 Cross Rd and Shaw Highway

3:10 Hill and Dale Rd and Red Oak La

3:15 Hill and Dale Rd and Diamond Ave

3:20 Cortlandt Chase to Cortlandt Estates (Dimond Ave)

3:45 Greenlawn Rd to Lafayette Ave

Lake Mohegan Fire District

Candy Cane Run

Sunday December 14, 2014

Town Of Cortlandt Truck# 2

9:00 McArthur Blvd and Wheeler Dr

9:05 Wheeler Dr to Hood Pl

9:10 Hood Pl and Udell Ct

9:15 Wheeler Dr and Lockwood Rd

9:20 Lockwood Rd to Woodlands Blvd

9:30 Trolley Rd to East Hill Rd

9:40 Sherwood Rd (to turnaround)

9:50 School St

10:00 Hollowbrook Firehouse (Oregon Rd)

10:05 Blue Jay Estates

10:10 Hollowbrook Mews Condos Clubhouse

10:20 Root St and Hollowbrook Ct

10:30 Oregon Rd and Aberdeen Rd

10:35 Varian Rd and Alpine Dr

10:40 Alpine Dr to Terrace Pl

10:45 Alpine Dr and Aldar Ct

10:50 Spring La to Knollwood Rd

10:55 Adams Rush Rd

11:00 Durrin Ave

11:10 Cross Creek Condos

11:20 Catherine St and Stevenson Ave

11:25 Gilbert St and Revolutionary Rd

11:30 The Oval and Waterbury Pkwy

11:35 Waterbury Pkwy and Gabriel Dr

11:45 Return to Firehouse


1:00 Lake Allandale (all streets)

1:25 Millington Rd and Bainbridge Rd

1:40 Cynthia Rd

1:45 Ely Rd

1:50 Laurie Rd

1:55 Jo Dr (to turnaround)

2:00 Fawn Ridge Dr to Wintrop Dr

2:10 Wild Birch Farms Poolhouse

2:20 Wintrop Dr and Birch La

2:30 Westbrook Dr and Laurel Rd

2:40 Westbrook Dr and Concord Dr

2:45 Westbrook Dr and Priscilla Ct

2:55 Red Mill Rd and Stonewall Ct

2:45 Red Mill Rd and Mill Ct

3:00 Clover Rd and Lakeland St

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