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VUS 3rd 9wks Test Study Guide-Francis 2014
The 9 Weeks test includes:



DuBois v. Washington







Old Immigrants vs. New Immigrants – after Civil War immigrants come from Southern and Eastern Europe

Nativism native born Americans discriminate against immigrants

Chinese Laborers – built Transcontinental railroad, then EXCLUDED

Thomas Edison - electricity widely available

Alexander Graham Bell- telephone

Henry Ford – assembly line

Andrew Carnegie - steel

J.P. Morgan – financier and banking

John D. Rockefeller – Standard Oil

Cornelius Vanderbilt - railroads

Ida B. Wells – muckraker, against lynching

Booker T. Washington – black rights, slow and steady, CTE (vocational education)

W.E.B. Dubois –black rights, RIGHT NOW! education

Samuel Gompers started AFL labor union

Eugene V. Debs Labor Union leader

Upton Sinclair muckraker who wrote The Jungle about conditions in meat factories

Susan B. Anthony – come on you know her

Theodore Roosevelt - Square Deal, trust buster Progressive president

Woodrow WilsonNew Freedom, Progressive President

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Ant- Immigration Act – restricted immigration in the early 20th Century

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Clayton Anti-Trust Act

Melting Pot

Jim Crow Law

Plessey vs. Ferguson train case, separate but equal is OK

Great Migration

Seneca Falls Declaration – site in New York where women met t demand the vote

Lynching illegal form of punishment for blacks – ignored by state government.

NAACP founded by DuBois

Progressive Movement – period of time where America works on improving social and economic and working conditions for all

Muckraking journalist exposing problems in society

Women’s Suffrage – Seneca Falls Declaration, Susan B Anthony,

19th Amendment grants women the right to vote

Transcontinental Railroad

Urbanization causes problems in housing, sanitation, water, crime

Trusts/Monopolies – trust is the same thing as monopoly

Laissez-faire government has hands off policy to Big Business

Corporations – limits the liability (what you can lose) when sued

Bessemer process - steel

Child Labor – made illegal by the Progressive movement

Knights of Labor 1st Labor Union

American Federation of Labor started by Samuel Gompers for Skilled Workers, still exists today

American Railway Union – started by Eugene Debs - Pullman Strike – railroad workers rebelled and LOST

Haymarket Riot – Labor Day protest for 8 hour work day – WORKERS LOST

Homestead Strike – steel company riot in Pittsburgh – WORKERS LOST

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