Kingship and Counterfeit: Shakespeare’s Deconstructionist Vision in Henry IV

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  1. Phyllis Rackin mentions Lily B. Campbell, Irving Ribner, Andrew S. Cairncross, Robert B. Pierce, Robert Rentoul Reed, Jr., etc., in his Stages of History, p. 40, note 1.

  2. I have often thought that the closest Chinese equivalent term for logos is "Tao" (道).

  3. All parenthesized numbers hereafter refer to the Arden Shakespeare editions of Henry IV Part 1 & Part 2, with Harold F. Brooks, et al., as general editors.

  4. In his "The Structural Problem in Shakespeare's Henry IV" Harold Jenkins has a good discussion of the problem of whether the two parts of Henry IV make two plays or just one single play. Among the one-play theorists are Dr. Johnson, Capell, Dover Wilson, Tillyard, and Jenkins himself.


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