Kingdom: Date Completed: j / 60 ust a Child Feudal System ( /10pts) Read the Article "Feudal System"

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Becoming a Lord

Date Completed:

/ 60

ust a Child

Feudal System (____/10pts)

Read the Article “Feudal System”

Fill out “Feudalism Pyramid”

Cathedral (_____/10pts)

Read the Book “Building a Cathedral”

You just finished visiting a Medieval Cathedral. You are so excited about what you saw that

you can’t wait to share. Write a page describing your observations. Make sure you use lots of details and description about the cathedral so if the person reading your page had never seen a cathedral, they would know what it looks like.

Map (_____/20pts)

Draw in countries, label country names, color map

Service (_____/20pts)

Teach a game to younger children. Complete the “Game Activity” worksheet.

/ 50

People (_____/10pts)

Read the Article “Joan of Arc” (10pts)

Imagine you are Joan of Arc. How would you convince the king to let you fight. Write a 5

paragraph persuasive essay persuading King Charles to let you go to war. Use details about Joan to support your argument.

People (_____/10pts)

Read the Article “Richard the Lionheart” (10pts)

Read the Article “King Arthur”

Create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two kings (Think about personality and


Black Death (_____/10pts)

Article “Black Death”

Create a Newsletter (using Pages Template) to educate people about how to keep the Black

Plague from spreading.

Service (_____/20pts)

Discuss with the Master or Mistress of your manor (i.e. Dad or Mom) a special cleaning

project that you could complete. This project must fall outside your normal manor duties (i.e. it can’t be your normal chores!)

Complete the “House Cleaning” worksheet.

/ 50

Trades/Merchants (_____/10pts)

Book “Crafts in Medieval Europe”

Interview – Imagine you are interviewing a Merchant or Tradesman in the Middle Ages.

What would you ask them? How would they answer? Using the “Interview Template” found in the server “out” folder, record 10 questions you would ask a Merchant or Tradesman and their “answers.”

Castles (_____/10pts)

Articles “Castles”

Design your own Castle diagram. Remember to include all the necessary parts of a castle,

lots of details, and labels.

Medieval Feast (_____/10pts)

Article “Mealtime in the Middle Ages”

Create a menu for a Medieval Feast using the “Menu Template” found in the server “out”

folder. All examples on the template must be replaced with authentic examples of what would have been found at a Medieval Feast.

Service (_____/20pts)

Plan, cook, and clean-up for 2 complete meals for your family. Meals must include a

“starter/salad,” “entrée,” and “dessert/drink.” Complete the “Meals” worksheet.

/ 80

Coat of Arms (_____/20pts)

Article “Heraldry”

Create your own Coat of Arms using colors and designs that would be found on a real coat

of arms. Use the pattern to trace and cut out the shape you want.

Illuminated Cover (_____/20pts)

Article “Illuminated Manuscripts”

Create your own Illuminated Cover for your Medieval Checklist. You must use a letter that

is one of your initials (first or last name). You must “ok” your rough draft with your teacher before you can complete your cover on the handmade paper.

Knights and Chivalry (_____/10pts)

Article “Knights and Chivalry”

Create your own personal, modern Code of Chivalry using the “Chivalry” Template found

in the server “out” folder.
Royalty (_____/10pts)

Kids Discover “Kings and Queens”

Create a “How To” report about “How to be a Medieval King or Queen.” Include how to act, how they did their duties, how to dress, and how to be a good monarch vs. how to be a bad one.
Service (_____/20pts)

Three Good Deeds

To truly become a Knight or Lady, a person needed to prove not only their knowledge, but

also their character. To prove your character, do 3 good deeds for people in the school and classroom. These need to be “second mile” deeds, not something you should already be doing. Complete the “Good Deeds” worksheet.

/ 70
he Final Quest

Middle Ages Project (_____/50pts)

You may do your report about any subject that relates to or happened during the time of the

Middle Ages. You will be required to create a visual aide for the project and do a short oral presentation about your project for the class. Complete the “Middle Ages Report: Student Grading” worksheet.

Order Assignments (_____/20pts)

Collect all assignments, place them IN ORDER in a folder and turn them in to your teacher.

NOTE: Your “Illuminated Cover” will be the first assignment, then this Checklist, and then all assignments as listed on the checklist.


You are now a Lord!
Overall Grade _____/310 Points

Checklist Due: February 16

Medieval Feast: February 18
Medieval Project Due: February 16-17

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