King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

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Arthurian Legends Packet Questions

From “King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table”

  1. What happens to the son of Uther and Igrayne?

  2. What ends King Uther’s happiness?

  3. What happens to Britain after Uther’s death?

  4. What does Kay know about the sword that Arthur does not know? What does Kay try to claim?

  5. Why does Arthur take the sword from the anvil?

  6. What does Sir Ector do when Arthur has proven he can pull the sword from the anvil? What is Arthur’s reaction?

  7. What pledge does Arthur make?

  8. What does Merlin do to protect Arthur?

  9. What does Merlin explain about Arthur? Why is this related to the people’s acceptance of Arthur as king?

  10. How do the people feel after Merlin speaks? What do they think of their new king?

  11. What plans does Arthur set forth as king?

  12. Why does Arthur make Gryflet a knight? What does he ask in return?

  13. What is Pellinore’s opinion of Sir Gryflet?

  14. What does Arthur think he has done when he sends the churls away? What had Merlin actually done?

  15. What does Arthur think of surrender? What does this tell you about his values?

  16. What does Merlin do to save Arthur’s life again?

  17. Why is this time chosen for Arthur to receive Excalibur? What has Arthur learned?

  18. What does the Lady of the Lake ask of Arthur?

  19. What event is foretold here? What effect does this information have on Arthur?

  20. What advice does Merlin give Arthur? Does Arthur heed this advice? What changes in Arthur does his reaction to Merlin’s advice demonstrate?

  21. What magic does Merlin explain? What warning does he give Arthur? What do you think might happen based on this warning?

22-34 Read on the handout itself

From Le Morte d’Arthur

35. What dream does Arthur have? What might this dream mean?

36. What warning does Sir Gawain give? What reason does he give for post-poning the battle?

37. What warning does Arthur give?

38. What warning does Mordred give?

39. a. What innocent action starts the battle?

b. How is Arthur again warned of his fate and about Mordred? Why does Arthur pursue his vengeance on Mordred despite all the warnings he has been given?

40. After lying to Arthur twice, how does Bedevere finally fulfill Arthur’s wish? What does he see?

41. Did the hermit bury Arthur’s body?

42-54 Read on the handout itself

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