Killing Fields: World War I video

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Killing Fields: World War I Video

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  1. When did most people assume the war would end?

  1. European powers draw on Asian and African colonies for what?

  1. Why was the warfare in WW I different from other previous wars?

  1. Describe life in the trenches.

  1. Describe colonial troops’ experience during WW I.

  1. Describe the conditions on the Eastern Front.

  1. What is used to increase enthusiasm for the war?

  1. Describe the effects of gas and other new weapons.

  1. Who do the French draft more and more to fight in the war?

  1. Describe the nightmare of war.

  1. As the WWI progresses, how do the Russian soldiers react to fighting in the war?

  1. Who enters the war, helping to break the stalemate?

  1. How many people were killed during WW I?

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