Julius Caesar WebQuest introduction

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Julius Caesar WebQuest

Shakespeare based many of his plays on historical events. In order to understand the context in which Julius Caesar takes place, you will need some background information about Caesar and Rome! After all, in order to build a house, you need a solid foundation.


Your team has been assigned a specific role. You will use the links provided to become experts on your roles. You and your team will work together to create a Powerpoint presentation to educate your peers on your topic. 

Phase 1 - Roles
    These roles were chosen because they each define the most important elements of reading Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Each of you has been assigned a particular role with links and instructions below. Here are the general instructions for all of you. Please see your specific instructions and questions below.


        1. Use the links below to locate information about your topic. Pay attention to the extra instructions for certain links! 2. Read through your resources and take notes on any information you feel is pertinent and essential to your topic. 3. Focus your research into main points.   4. Add notes to your pages so that you know what you are going to present.

           Role #1 - Life History of Julius Caesar:

           Your task is to research basic biographical details about Julius Caesar. You should include the following:
           - Where and how he grew up
           - Academic and military background
           - Beliefs towards military and government
           - Details regarding the end of his life

  • 1. Julius Caesar Historical Background

  • 2. Biography Base - Julius Caesar (This is a lot of information. Just skim it and try to get the main points of the beginning, middle, and end of his life.)

  • 3. Encyclopedia of World Biography- Julius Caesar

  • 4. Biography of Caesar (You only have to click on the "Youth" and "Early Career" links! However, you are welcome to do more research on this site if you want!) 

  • 5. The Life of Julius Caesar (Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on all five pages!)

     Role #2 - Government of Rome during Caesar's Time:

            Your task is to research the governmental system of Rome before and during Caesar's rule. You should focus on

            -The structure of the government
            -The flaws in the system
            -Any changes that Caesar made

  • 1. Goverment of Rome

  • 2. Roman Government

  • 3. Roman Empire (Click on the other links in white beside "Government" at the top of the page!)

  • 4. Ancient Rome: Roman History and Government (Click on the links under "Government" on the left side!) 

  • 5. Roman Government Hierarchy (Click on the map's terms to find out more info.)

 Role #3 - Rome in Caesar's Time:

           Your task is to research the social structures, activities, and every day life for those who lived in Rome under Caesar's rule. You should focus on

           - Family/Society
           - Education
           - Housing 
           - Sources of Entertainment

  • 1. Life in Roman Times

  • 2. The Romans (Click ONLY on the "Entertainment", "Housing" and "Education" links!)

  • 3. Social Classes in Rome

  • 4. a) Roman Leisure AND b) Family and Children (For both sites, click on the question on the left-side to see the answers. Also, click on "Fun Facts" to see more information.)

  • 5. The Roman Empire: Home Life

Role #4 - Rome's Major Contributions to Society:
               Your task is to research contributions of Roman society that are still in existence or still              influence us today.

  • 1. The Great Builders

  • 2. Watering Ancient Rome (At the bottom of the page, click "Continue:Arcades" for the rest of the information!)

  • 3. Roman Roads (Click at the top on "Roman Road Construction" or "Roman Road Charts" for more information on this topic.)

  • 4. The Colloseum (Click on "Launch Animation" to begin a tour of the Colloseum. Click on certain areas to find our more information about them.)

  • 5. Roman Technology (Click on the four "Technology" questions in the left-hand side to see the answers for your notes. Click on "Fun Facts" for more information!)

Role #5 - Religion and Beliefs in Ancient Rome
               Your task is to research religious practices and beliefs of Roman society. Be sure to address the major gods/goddesses of their religion as well any ceremonies or rituals that had to be followed. Also, are there any superstitions from this time that people still believe in? 

      • 1. Religion in Ancient Rome 

      • 2. Ancient Roman Religion

      • 3. Omens and Superstitions (Read ALL of this page, but pay special attention to the "Auspices and Omens" section - it mentions Julius Caesar.)

      • 4. Religion in the Home 

      • 5. Romans: Religion (Read this page and then click on the 3 other links under "Choose a Section". You will need to read all 4 links! You can also look under "Fun Facts" for more related information.)

Role #6 - Slavery in Ancient Rome
           Your task is to research slavery in Ancient Rome. Be sure to include information on                  topics such as the duties of slaves, the punishments for slaves, and the people who
           owned slaves.

      • 1. Resisting Slavery in Ancient Rome    

      • 2. The Romans - Slaves   

      • 3. Slavery in Ancient Rome  

      • 4. Slaves and Freemen        

      • 5. KET - Slavery (Click on ALL the tabs at the top after you read the "Introduction"! The last one you should read is "Freedom".)

Phase 2 - Reaching Consensus
    After you have completed all of your research, you can now prepare for your presentation.     Remember to be respectful towards everyone's opinions regarding what is most important     
    and ensure that every person in your group has an equal speaking part in the presentation.


Once you are done researching your topic and creating your group powerpoint, prepare with your group what you are going to say and the order in which you are going to present it. These presentations should be smoothly run, well thought-out, and clearly conveyed.

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