Julius Caesar Essay Kyra Friberg

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Julius Caesar Essay Kyra Friberg

Period 2

The tragedy of Julius Caesar fits the play’s title perfectly. If it were to be changed to the tragedy of Markus Brutus the play would have to written in a totally different perspective. First of all, it would need to focus on Brutus’ decisions and problems more, not Caesar or his death. It was that event that changed the plot completely. The tragedy of Julius Caesar is known for the death of Caesar, not Brutus’.

To begin with, Brutus’ decision led him to his ‘suicidal’ death. Though the play surrounds by what happens to Brutus, its all caused by Caesar death, one way or another. Ironically Caesar’s death leads to the death of Brutus and Cassius. Brutus did it for the sake of Rome.

Additionally, Caesar’s death led to the war and dictatorship that was supposed to be prevented. The conspirators failed to carry out their goal. If Brutus had not killed Caesar and decided to side with him, much blood shed might have been prevented. It would have changed the plot drastically. Of course Brutus is a very important main character, but his death did not cause all the problems that Caesar’s did. It did not cause a war but showed the end of one.

Another reason why it should the play’s title should be kept as is is because the plot revolves around the lives of Caesar and Brutus. Until Caesar perishes and leaves he plot leaving the other main character to carry out the story. As such with Caesar’s life and death causing so many things to happen it should truly be considered as the tragedy of Julius Caesar.

To sum it up, the tragedy of Julius Caesar title should remain the same because of what Caesar’s death leads to, the focus of the plot and how it unfolds. Brutus’ life changes greatly after Caesar’s life ends. Julius Caesar’s death made the plot become the dramatic story that it is today.

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